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Keywords: Ants

Anim als  – Humane Trapping and Removal of wild animals such as raccoons, opossums,  ground hogs, etc. Sorry we do not handle domestic animals.

Ants -  Pavement or Slab Ants & Carpenter Ants – Found mostly during warmer months on exterior of home or building. Ants  can be found on the interior all year long. When found inside during colder months it usually means they are nesting somewh ere inside.  Interior and Exterior treatments available. Typically for interior treatments we will inspect the home then treat around all baseboards of main floor and basement while paying close attention to locate and treat the nesting areas. Exterior treatments include all around foundation of building and around doors and windows, this treatment is mainly used to seal the home to prevent the ants from getting inside.

Bed Bugs - 

Bees – usually found going in and out of one hole during the spring through fall.  There are many different types of bees which a ll  have different characteristics. 

Beetles (Flour, Pantry, Etc) – brought in on store bought foods such as grains, rice, dog biscuits, etc.  If you find the source of them they will usually go away.  Check all pantry and cupboard areas for old boxes of these items.  If source can not be found treatment may be necessary.

Beetles (Box Elders) – usually found on exterior of home during spring & fall. Can be found in large groups on the side of a building usually where the sun hits. Exterior treatment of the home is usually the best management for box elders, however they may come back the next season.

Birds - there are many different types of birds and many different ways to handle bird problems.  Trapping or stopping the birds from getting into the building are the best ways to deal with most bird problems.

Centipedes - Can be found in damp areas of homes such as bathrooms, basements, etc.

Fleas – are most prevalent during the summer and fall. They are usually brought into the home on animals and sometimes peoples clothing. Flea “bombs” that can be purchased at stores often expel excess chemicals and cover more area than needed to rid the home of Fleas.  Our professional treatment for fleas is specific to the areas where fleas live and breed.  We will treat ALL floor surfaces throughout home.  We do request that you have your animals treated the same day as we com out for service to prevent re-infestation.

Flies – there are many different types of flies in the world, knowing which one you are dealing with is the key to ridding your home of them.

Hornets -  are typically most active during warm summer months.  Usually you will find multiple nests in the areas affected b y them.  The best treatment for hornets is to have the entire home or building treated on the exterior. 

Lady Bugs - are found on exterior of buildings

Mice - can be found on exterior of buildings along with interior.  Most interior activity will be found during colder months of the year.  The best way to prevent mice infestations is to seal all cracks and openings on exterior of home.

Moths - can be found inside the home periodically throughout the year.  We always have traps available for purchase in our office. 

Rats -

Roaches - there are many different varieties of cockroaches that could be infesting your home or business.  Most varieties have six legs with long antennae.  Roaches are one of the most common insect found in homes.  Infestations are typically found in kitchens and bathrooms but they will live anywhere they have food, water, and harborage.

Spiders - can be prevalent on exterior near   damp and wooded areas.  Typically found inside in basements and near ceiling perimeters.  We can treat both inside and outside in order to prevent spiders from entering the home or building as well as eliminating current infestations.    

Keywords: Ants