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By: Aryana Solutions  09-12-2011
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With a top-of-the-line advanced technological facilities, Aryana Solutions has many services to offer your company or organization to help you with your telemarketing needs. All our phone lines are trunk lines provided by Bell Canada and Rogers, and are not VOIP, thus ensuring crystal-clear voice quality and no static on our calls.

Leave the job of boring cold-calling clients to us, and enjoy the results of receiving only the clients who are interested in your product or services, inform your long list of promotions, events or have live agents conduct surveys for you. There is no limit to what can be done over the phone, and we are happy to help you with your campaigns.

When your client base is large, customer support and interested client calls can become a burden. Let us help you by taking on the task and alleviate your own calling center at peak hours, or deal with all your customer support calls.

Fax sending can increase your customer service relations and create more potential business opportunities. You can add impact to your marketing campaigns by keeping your clients or staff informed about your products and services, promotions and offers.

Live Call Transfer

This optional service addition is used mostly on outbound marketing calling, or as an escalation of inbound calls. How this works is that we escalate interested customers or technical support problems we cannot handle to a specialist in your company, who is better versed for the purpose of:

  • The purposes of closing a deal.
  • Confirming Information.
  • Taking an order from the client.
  • Processing confidential information, ncluding payment over phone.
  • Dealing with complex customer support issues.

This service will greatly reduce the amonut of work your sales rep or customer service must do, as they will only deal with interested clients or real problems.

Contact List Updating

Automated Polling

When you need a rapid assessment of a question, Automated Polling can help you go faster and get the results you need. Automated Polling is an automatic outbound telephone dialing system that delivers a prerecorded question to each contact on a phone list, with a multiple choice answer. The recipient has the choice to press any key from 1 to 8 to repond, press 9 to repeat the question, or * to be called at a later time. If no one answers, the system can be programmed to retry for as many times as you wish.

All calls are logged. Your log report will show:

  • If call was answered, not answered, or line was busy
  • If person listened to the entire message or not
  • Which number on the key pad the recipient pressed to answer the question.
  • Date and time stamp of every call

Keywords: Technical Support