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By: Artist For Artists  09-12-2011
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Summary Description of Services We Provide:

  1. Direct Art Sales By Artist Or Trade With Artist

  2. Photography & Web Design  Services For Artists/Art Community

  3. Art Commission

  4. Art Sales or Rental

Detail Description of Services We Offer:

  1. Direct Art Sales Or Trade With Artist:

You can buy work directly from the artist to bypass middle man and dealers. We guarantee well founded and critical work of determined and dedicated artists who strive for highest level of originality of concepts and criticality in their work that will satisfy your taste and enrich your collection. By buying directly from the artists you as patrons are helping the artist to continue produce great work and survive this economic hard milieu. We also encourage art trading for fair value item/s or service with participating artists.

  1. Photography & Web Design Services For Artists/Art Community:

Our profound experience of artists’ needs for good presentation of their works position us in a situation where we can provide practically inexpensive photography and web design/hosting services to artists and art community.

  1. Art Commission:

Should you have any art project in mind, be it mural painting, sculptural piece, site specific work or portrait painting including photography and new media. Our artists can execute any project from either your concept or ours to finish that will exceed your expectations with a touch of ingenuity and originality. We love active/passive interactivity of clients and viewers in our creative process.

  1. Art Sales or Rental:

We understand that each and every client has unique requirements and we are confident that we can find the right art solution to fit your exact needs and budget. We can offer you original artwork of contemporary Canadian and International Artists, or alternatively provide you with high quality prints, giclees or limited editions to rent or buy. All of our art rentals come with a choice to buy. You can choose to buy the art at any time during the rental agreement at a discount price.

The Benefits of Art Rental

  • Enhance your corporate image

  • Transform your working environment

  • No large capital spending - save cash flow

  • Original art and prints available for sales or rent

  • Short or long art rental periods.

  • Expert art advice & consultation

  • Free delivery and pickup***

Type of Sales/Rental Service We Offer:

  • Art Sales/Rental To Corporate

  • Art Sales/Rental To Architects & Interior Designer

  • Art Sales/Rental To Film/TV Production /Commercial Set

  • Art Sales/Rental To Prestigious Individual Homes

  • Art Sales/Rental To Luxury Stores And Hotels

  • Art Sales/Rental For Homes Show/Sales & Realtors

  • Art Sales/Rental For Special Event

  • Art Sales/Rental To Corporate:

We provide art rental and consulting services for offices, reception areas and boardrooms; renting art for your office inspire staff and impress clients without tying up capital. A good art collection strengthens your image, improves clients’ first impression of your company and can make a positive statement about your company’s identity, and you are helping our creative community to survive in this current economic climate.

  • Art Sales/Rental To Architects And Interior Designer:

We can supply art that is suitable to all  your interior design projects; Our experienced team of Art professionals  work directly with our clients along side Interior Designers or others who may be involved in the planning and execution of a project that requires art.

  • Art Sale/Rental To Film/TV Production /Commercial Set:

Being in same art industry gives us an in-depth knowledge of your art needs for movie and stage set and we can be a good partner to supply art to your movie or stage set and also can provide customize stage backdrop for your movie or stage projects. Our team of highly professional artist can produce site specific work for your project be it TV, film or commercial sets.

  • Art Sales/Rental To Prestigious Individual Homes:

Enjoy beautiful art of great contemporary artists in your
home without having to spend a fortune. You can rent art for your home to solve the problem of choice as you can opt to have work regularly changed in your home without over burden cost of acquisition, and have opportunity to collect work you really love.

  • Art Sales/Rental For Home Show/Sales & Realtor:

Rent art when moving house or when you are displaying your house for sale to prospective buyers.  Hanging some startling pieces of art in your house makes it more attractive to potential buyers and Leads to a quicker sale. You have the option of renting artwork for one month at 10% of the purchase price of the artwork.

  • Art Sales/Rental To Hotels and Restaurant:

Hanging original artwork on your establishment walls can really transform the atmosphere of these places. With our rent and buy service you can choose to have work change and later if you choose buy the work you grow to love.

  • Art Sales/Rental To Luxury Store:

Art can really enhance your store front windows and attract customers to your business. We can supply you suitable original work in variety of medium and genre for periodic rent and buy later if you choose to.

  • Art Rental For Special Event:

Do you need beautiful art fit to memorialize and decorate your special event? can provide art for any event such as for parties, weddings or conferences. You can rent or buy art for all these situations and more…


If you need assistance getting artwork from us to your wall, can arrange for qualified art movers/installers to deliver and hang the work in your space. In some cases, depend on your local and work we may deliver and install free.

Rental Rates:

Corporate & Individual:

Our standard rental rate is for a minimum of 3 months, maximum of 12, at 5% of the artwork’s retail price, per month. Should you decide to purchase a work at anytime between 1-3 month contract; rental will be credited from your balance, or if you decide to buy at the end of your rental contract, 5 months rental will be credited from your balance.

Selling Your Home

Should you wish to uniquely set your home apart on the market to effectively attract buyers, you have the option of renting artwork for one month at 10% of the purchase price of the artwork.

Film/TV Production /Stage set

Set decorators are welcome at! You may rent original artwork for your movie, television, or commercial set for 13% of the purchase price of the work per week.

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