Pipette Calibration and Automated Liquid Handler Verification Products and Services

By: Artel  09-12-2011
Keywords: Liquid Handling, Pipettes, Automated Liquid Handlers

ARTEL offers products and services to verify the accuracy and precision of liquid handling equipment so that you can ensure superior assay results.

ARTEL products and services are powerful tools for performance assessment of liquid handling devices. Employing these tools, users collect data that enable an understanding of liquid handling error, caused by operators, the environment, pipettes, and automated liquid handlers.  With that knowledge, laboratories are equipped to develop procedures, engage in timely maintenance activities, and train operators as needed to ensure data integrity and regulatory compliance.

  • Knowing exact volume dispensed allows accurate determination of true concentrations of all solutions
  • Incorrect concentrations can cause assay results to be falsely interpreted
  • Superior liquid handling is a prerequisite for superior assay data
  • Robust liquid handling quality assurance ensures regulatory compliance

Therefore it is imperative that laboratories:

  • Calibrate, verify, and/or validate the volume-dispensing performance of pipettes and automated liquid handlers
  • Design liquid handling protocols to optimize assay results
  • Train operators in proper methods for liquid handling
  • Assess operator competency for pipetting proficiency

Keywords: Automated Liquid Handlers, Liquid Handling, Pipettes,

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MVS Multichannel Verification System for Automated Liquid Handlers and Multichannel Pipettes

The efforts and cost of troubleshooting are more than many of your systems combined. Our process requires extreme quality, and this was something we knew we needed. The MVS will help keep track of our liquid handlers performance.. The MVS was not a want but a need.