Arredondo Group Is Member Of American Society Of Civil Engineers

By: Arredondo Group  09-12-2011
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Level ‘A’ Engineers Inspections

This inspection is required by most Mortgage Lenders before they loan money on a property. We will evaluate the foundation to determine if it meets ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Guidelines and recommend repairs if needed.

Foreclosure Inspections

This is especially useful if you are in the process of purchasing a Foreclosure property. You want to know the condition of the foundation and do not want to invest too much money if the event the purchase doesn’t take place. We send our Engineers out for a verbal inspection for a small fee.


Keywords: Engineers

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Check that no leaks have developed near the foundation, such as a faucet drip or air conditioning drip lines. TO HELP REDUCE MOVEMENT OF THE STRUCTURE WATER AROUND YOUR FOUNDATION ONE TO ONE AND A HALF TIMES A WEEK. Check that water does not pool near the foundation from sprinklers or rain. Check that are no new or changed cracks or separations at the walls. Check for any uncomfortable floor slopes by walking in each room.


Foundation Repair In San Antonio Has Financing Solutions

Give us a call at 210.645.6811 and we will give you specific details on how all your foundation and home repairs can be more financially manageable. So we have come up with some financing solutions that will help make your repairs get done on time and allow you to sleep soundly. We know that financing your foundation and other home repairs can sometimes be a stressful experience.