Baby On Board « ARKIT INC

By: Arkit  09-12-2011

Baby On Board « ARKIT INC.

Calling all parents and parents-to-be: get on board with the most in-depth baby application offered, for iPhone, iPad and iPod!
Being a new parent can be quite a challenge… especially on your memory… Baby on board remembers all your baby’s needs so you don’t have to.

All too often new mothers find themselves dumbfounded when they can’t recall the last time they fed their baby, let alone changed them.
Going to the paediatrician was always like taking a quiz: How much is he eating? How many wet diapers does he have a day? Is he spitting up after every feeding or just sometimes? What colour was his poo?
Hey dads out there… This application is for you too! Aren’t you tired of not being able to answer mommy’s questions? When was the last time she ate? What did you feed her? Didn’t you change her diaper?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all this information at your fingertips? Our application has not only this — but also growth charts, emergency contacts, calendar of important dates, organizers and activity charts, meal plans and more!
Even better, all of this information can be shared or transferred between parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc.
Someone doesn’t have an iSOMETHING? No problem, you can send the details in excel to whomever you wish!

Here are only some of the amazing features:
1. You can use it with all of your children; with a simple and intuitive interface that can switch from child to child;
2. You have all the grow charts (length, height, weight, head circumference) from birth to 20 years old;
3. Your children have their own contacts, including and most importantly the emergency ones… so that when you share this data with your caregiver, you’re sure the App will tell him/her exactly who to call;
4. Keep track of every feeding: breast, bottle, or food… with an amazing alert system that will also warn you if the quantity is considered “abnormal”;
5. Keep track of every diaper change, you can also note if there is any suspicious change (via photo and/or description)… the alerting system will warn you to call the doctor if the changes repeat themselves;
6. Keep track of every activity: naptime, playtime, learning time… also here we alert you if something seems abnormal (i.e. your baby is napping a lot more than usual, or a lot less, if he needs to play more, etc);
7. The calendar, so you can keep your child’s appointments organized… and why not import their appointments into your phone main calendar?
8. This is an especially awesome feature… How many times have you had to go into the closet and pack away clothes that no longer fit your little one? Or pack away large clothes received as presents and then forget about them until it’s too late?? We added the closet organizer and the alert system will tell you when it’s time to pack them away or bring them out;
9. Milestones: yes, keep track of the milestones, with pictures and notes… so you will never forget these precious moments. How often do we look back at baby books only to find them empty? First tooth? First curl? First word? First steps? So many wonderful firsts lost because they happen when we least expect them… We may not always have our baby book with us, but with baby on board in your pocket or purse, you’re almost certain to never miss a milestone again!
10. A journal, so you can write down your thoughts, feelings and memories. Think of it as a personal blog or scrapbook – one you may choose to keep secret or share with the world – this choice is yours!

We are working on so many other cool additions, so get it now, ‘cause we can’t guarantee this price will remain the same!

It’s EASY, it’s SAFE, and it has EVERYTHING you could ever ask for.


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