Arimasoft, Manufacturing scheduling software that integrates to most ERP, SCM and MRP

By: Arima  09-12-2011

For over 17 years now, manufacturers like you have been plugging into Arima’s know-how to optimize their operations. The benefits are twofold. Our technology is leading-edge and we tailor it to your needs. Here is what we do, step by step:

Calculating the return on your investment: At your request, we can do a detailed study of the return on your investment. Such a study will typically show the benefits from (1) better use of production facilities (shorter set-up time and wait time, optimal resource allocation and synchronization), (2) lower cost of inventory maintenance, and (3) shorter delivery times. Other, less tangible benefits are also considered. Analyzing your needs and your production context: Analyzing your needs means looking at your aims for increased efficiency and improved operations. Analyzing your production context means looking at your production and planning processes in light of your constraints. Using these analyses, we will draft a client-specific configuration of our technology … for your consideration and approval. Configuring and laboratory testing: This step involves adapting Syncrun to your special needs (choice of options, adjustment of parameters, addition of customizable information fields), as set out in the proposed configuration. Your manufacturing environment will be faithfully modeled in this system. Tests will be performed in our laboratories with real-world data that you provide. Setting up on-site and training: Syncrun is installed on a PC for training purposes. We first train the main user: the person in charge of planning. Training focuses on using the system with real-life cases, and the planner is given enough time to get fully broken in. Syncrun is then deployed for all users (in consultation mode or in scenario-analysis mode), who are trained accordingly. Finally, the last step: the system goes operational. Over the following weeks, we regularly check to ensure optimal use of all system features.