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By: Arguson  09-12-2011
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Commercial solar PV systems must be carefully monitored to ensure they operate efficiently. Left unattended, the PV system will begin to naturally and unnaturally degrade over time. ArgusON Solar Power Management™ products and services ensure that your investment continuously operates at peak performance to meet or exceed your ROI goals. By being involved in the project at the beginning, ArgusON can support all phases of the design, development, installation and operation. Make ArgusON your first commercial PV project decision, not your last. ArgusON Solar Power Management™ is More Than Monitoring™.

System Design Review

ArgusON engineers will review your solar PV system design with an eye toward long term reduction of O&M costs. We will make recommendations to enhance the monitoring and management capabilities, reduce operations and maintenance costs, and ensure long term power production.

Remote Commissioning Assistance

Developers, PPA providers, integrators and system owners need to make sure that the solar PV system has been installed correctly and is producing as much energy as possible. The ArgusON 24/7/365 National Operations Center provides third party remote commissioning assistance by verifying that all monitored units are operating appropriately. NOC personnel work with on-site integrators to test and measure the functionality of each part of the PV system.

Automated Performance Monitoring

The ArgusON Solar Power Manager™ web portal is a comprehensive system management tool that continuously measures the performance of the system and individual monitored devices. Comparison of actual measurements to benchmark values is constantly performed. Failed or underperforming components are quickly and easily identified making troubleshooting easier and keeping downtime to a minimum.

Portfolio Management

The ArgusON data acquisition modules are inverter independent providing our customers with the flexibility to have varying system designs while being able to manage all of them from a single web portal. Our data acquisition modules can even manage inverters from different manufacturers at a single installation. So if you want to use AE, SatCon, SMA, Solectria, and PV Powered inverters all at one site. Go ahead - we’ll manage it for you.

Performance Reporting

Every data point that the ArgusON Solar Power Management™ system gathers is available to be used in reports. Standard and customized reports are available to send to entities such as the California Solar Initiative Program Administrators for PBI payments, and GATS.

Alarm Management

The ArgusON Solar Power Management™ system provides for real time reporting of field alarms. Why wait until the next standard polling interval? Alarm notifications are sent immediately to the ArgusON 24/7/365 National Operations Center (NOC) as well as customer designated personnel. When your PV system is in trouble, time is of the essence. ArgusON helps reduce downtime through real time alarm notification and comprehensive troubleshooting.

Trouble Ticket Management

The ArgusON Solar Power Manager™ web portal includes an industry leading trouble ticket management system. Track all on-site activities such as trouble resolution, preventive maintenance, system upgrades, and site access. Track all collaborative efforts with the ArgusON NOC personnel, inverter manufacturer technical support and others. Use the trouble ticket history to evaluate system designs and make future improvements.

Public Kiosk View

Owners of renewable generation systems are proud of what they are doing for the environment and the ArgusON public kiosk view allows them to share their excitement with others. The public kiosk view is a web page that can be accessed from anywhere. It shows how well the system is performing, information about the site and an educational section explaining how solar power works. ArgusON also supplies a lobby kiosk unit with a touch screen to demonstrate to your visitors your commitment to solar energy.

Call Center Services

The ArgusON National Operations Center (NOC) can provide back end call center services for your company as it relates to the solar PV installation. Your employees or customers will call a toll free number assigned to your organization. The calls are answered with your company name and issues are handled by our technicians.

Site Access Control

Most commercial solar PV sites are located in remote areas or on host sites that know very little about the system. Security and controlling who has access to the site can be challenging. ArgusON provides a toll free number to be posted at the entrance gate. Those requiring access will call the ArgusON NOC where their identity and purpose of the visit will be verified and documented. The NOC personnel will then provide the access code to enter the site. A site access ticket is opened to enable tracking of the event.

SPM™ 150 Data Acquisition and Communications Module

ArgusON provides a custom designed data acquisition and communications module as the main component of the monitoring system. This unit interfaces with the inverters, string monitors, environmental modules and revenue grade meters to gather performance data and equipment alarms. The data is then sent to the ArgusON data center either through a standard Ethernet connection (SPM™-150E) or through an ArgusON provided cellular virtual private network connection (SPM™150).

SPM™ EM Environmental Modules

To understand how a PV system is performing, the on-site weather conditions must be measured and tracked with the performance measurements. ArgusON provides two types of Environmental Modules: SPM™ EM1 and SPM™ EM2. The SPM™ EM1 is the basic module that includes ambient and panel temperature probes and a plane of array pyranometer to measure irradiance. The SPM™ EM2 is the basic module with the addition of wind speed and direction. Both units can be augmented with additional panel temperature probes and a second horizontal irradiance pyranometer.

Without understanding the exact weather conditions on-site, managing the performance to the system peak is not possible.

SPM™ PM Revenue Grade Power Meter Modules

ArgusON provides various styles of revenue grade meter modules to measure the entire PV farm output and building demand. Each module is packaged in a NEMA 4 enclosure with touch safe fuse connections for the voltage taps, shorting blocks for the CT connections and appropriately sized solid core CTs.

Warranty Information

ArgusON SPM™ 150 monitoring products are under warranty for five (5) years from the date of shipment. Other manufacturers’ components sold as part of an ArgusON solution (including weather package, demand meter, solar meter) will carry the original manufacturer’s warranty to the extent allowable. ArgusON non-warranty replacement parts and components are under warranty for ninety (90) days from shipment.

Keywords: Commercial Solar Pv, Data Acquisition, Solar Power, Solar Pv System, Web Portal,

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