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By: Argonide  09-12-2011

At Argonide, we’re proud of the quality and workmanship of every filter that leaves our manufacturing plant. Having invented and patented this Nanoalumina technology has given us years of experience in working with the filter media and in optimizing solutions for our customers.

We’ve incorporated this experience in the engineering, design and manufacture of our various and varied lines of NanoCeram filter cartridges; and we have worked hard to optimize each filter for flow rate, efficiency, capacity and reliability.

We are pleased to help our customers optimize their system(s) using our NanoCeram filters in conjunction with other components that they may use.

Towards this end, we are very proud to provide Private Label, Custom Designs and Testing Services as part of our full-service offering to the marketplace. Feel free to contact us and let us help you succeed.

Private Label

Argonide has a very active private label program that can help you define and capture a market using our technology. It can be as simple as providing us with your pre-printed labels and we will apply them to each cartridge prior to shipping your order. In many cases, we can incorporate your own artwork in our printing template and can produce your labels in-house.

There is no charge for this service, but certain minimum order requirements do apply. Typically, we require that any private label order should be for full case quantities only.

Taking this to the next step, we can have special molds made that can incorporate your own company name, part number, contact info, or your logo. This last option is the most expensive option due to tooling costs.

Please contact us as you may be surprised how easy it is to bring our advanced technology to your customers under your own brand name!


Argonide is actively involved in the engineering, design and optimization of customized filtration elements for our customers. We can assist you in your efforts to enhance your existing system’s capabilities by incorporating NanoCeram technology; or we can work with you during the initial stages of system specification development on new systems. In most cases, we can work around your existing system’s configuration so that there will be minimal investment on your part.

Successful implementation of this capability includes industrial, commercial and residential applications. Please contact us for more information.

Argonide maintains a Class II biolab as well as a full R&D laboratory. This enables us to test internally for bacteria and virus; and for turbidity & SDI reduction, dirt holding capacity, flow rates, pressure drop, etc.

We also have the ability to “pre-test” to certain NSF/ANSI Standards at a fraction of what the national laboratories charge. Although Argonide is not able to certify filters, our testing may provide a reasonably accurate estimate of your ultimate chance of passing full certification at one of those national laboratories.