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By: Arcon Aquapro  09-12-2011
Keywords: Flood Control, Rubber Dam, Rubber Dams

Above-ground Rubber Dams can be used in a number of applications, including and not limited to Hydroelectric Power, Irrigation, Flood Control, Water Supply, Water Cooling, Separation of Fresh and Sea Water, Navigation Channels, Recreational, Ground Water Recharging and Urban Regeneration.

In-tunnel Rubber Dam applications include the control of storage spaces and the flushing of sections of sewers and storage chambers.

Keywords: Flood Control, Ground Water Recharging, Rubber Dam, Rubber Dams, urban regeneration,

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Arcon AquaPro - failsafe systems

Unlike conventional steel gate systems, which require manual operation of often poorly maintained mechanical parts, the Arcon AquaPro Rubber Dam utilizes a failsafe mechanical deflation device, which lowers the bladder in the event of power failure. A pressure relief valve is supplied to ensure that the bladder does not exceed the allowable inner pressure in the event of either equipment or power failure.


Arcon AquaPro - control systems

Our sophisticated and fully programmable Control System can be integrated with operation systems of other related equipment and is designed to accurately retain maximum storage levels, even in the event of a power failure. In the case of an air-filled Rubber Dam, condensation can occasionally form inside the bladder, especially where there has been a significant difference in temperature between night and day, and during warmer months.