By: Archscan  09-12-2011
Keywords: Electronic Document Management, digital archiving

Document Management Consultancy

archSCAN helps organize and convert paper documents into a digital format.

Overwhelmed by the piles of papers, boxes of binders, and overflowing storerooms in your office? 

Don't know where to begin the process of organizing and transferring your paper documents into an electronic document management system?

archSCAN, LLC offers many consulting services to help  you formulate a strategy on how to manage the task of organizing and archiving important documents. Our highly trained archivists give sound advice on where and how to begin the process. They may even organize the documents for you if you do not have the time, or the manpower, to do it yourselves.

Creating your filing and indexing systems requires a great amount of thought and planning in order for the conversion process from paper to electronic files to run smoothly.  archSCAN will provide guidelines and suggestions as to how to set up a filing structure.  

Our past consultancy projects have included:

  • Analysis of current document archives and document lifecycles

  • Advice on digital archiving implementation procedures

  • Production of digital archiving "statement of requirements"

  • Assessment on the Return On Investment of digital archiving

  • Information regarding the compliance and legal issues of digital archiving

archSCAN, LLC is an independent company which is not affiliated with any specific products.  We operate a full scanning facility (large and small format scanners) to assist clients with their scanning needs.

Call archSCAN today to discuss how to implement digital archiving and electronic document management systems for your company!

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Keywords: digital archiving, Electronic Document Management