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By: Aquatell  09-12-2011

At aQuatell we deliver what so many of our competitors only promise...service. What does service mean in the internet age? It means the same thing it has always meant, even before the world wide web ever existed. Service means taking joy in a satisfied customer. It means putting customer needs and desires ahead of greater profit. It means treating others the way we would want to be treated. At aQuatell we strive to deliver ever increasing levels of service because we know it's what our customers want, and because we know it will contribute to the longterm success our or company. Here are some of the ways we are delivering outstanding service today:


Every phone call placed to our toll free number is answered by a real person who answers the phone right here in North America. No overseas call centers, no annoying automated phone systems. Call anytime between 8am - 8pm EST Monday to Friday and you'll speak live to our receptionist. Simply tell her why you're calling and she'll direct your call to the appropriate department. If that person or department is busy, she'll take your contact information and ensure you get a return call as soon as possible.