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By: Aquapaws  09-12-2011
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Canine warm water therapy and swim exercise can benefit your dog in so many ways. Physically, from building strong, supportive muscles in young dogs to easing the pain of arthritis in the joints of senior dogs, swimming and immersion in warm water can serve your dog’s wellness throughout life.

Gentle massage and other bodywork modalities performed in warm water can enhance relaxation. The physical release of tension and stress can also have a positive effect on behaviours related to fearfulness and anxiety.

Whether your pet is recovering from an injury or surgery, needs to re-build muscle or lose weight, or just needs to burn off energy in a safe, weightless environment, Aqua Paws can help!

Warm Water Therapy Session

These sessions are one-on-one with a trained, Level 2 Certified staff member working in the pool with your dog, while you are encouraged to participate from the poolside. These sessions combine swim exercise with gentle massage and other bodywork modalities, depending on the assessed needs of the dog. We work with you, your veterinarian and your pet to create a comprehensive water therapy program that is safe and enjoyable, while encouraging the best possible physical and emotional results.

  • 45 Minute Session - $55
  • 60 Minute Session - $65

Learn to Swim/Swim Exercise

Swimming is an excellent way for your dog to strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular conditioning without the risk of impact injuries that can occur on land. A handler trained in the safe practices of swim exercise will accompany your dog in the pool at all times.

At Aqua Paws, we are dedicated to helping dogs learn to swim in a gentle way, always being present to their emotional state. With a thoughtful, respectful approach, we help your pet learn to enjoy swimming by creating positive associations with water, through patience, care and attention. All dogs can reap the many benefits of swim exercise once they feel safe!

  • Learn to Swim, 45 Minute Session - $55.00
  • Learn to Swim, 60 Minute Session - $65.00
  • Swim Exercise, 30 Minute Session - $45.00

Parent Swim

These sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for you to play, exercise, relax and bond with your canine companion. An Aqua Paws staff member will join you and your pet in the pool, where you can learn gentle bodywork and relaxation techniques to share with your dog, helping you both to derive the most pleasure from your warm water session. These sessions are one hour in duration to allow you an adequate amount of time to dry and change after your swim.

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