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375ml (12.7 oz)

in ocean and landfill

biodegradable ĕ cobottle

Form and function wedded with single serving convenience for easy, every day refreshment at the home or office.

For you on-the-go types that can drink, power walk, and text at the same time, this light, ecofriendly bottle fits nicely into purses and "murses." Warning: not for use with fanny packs. Serious, don't even try it.

Ever since vegetables were allowed to compete as a water flavour back in 1996, cucumber spearmint has been our epicurean black sheep of the family.

As the underdog eager to prove itself, "cukemint" has amassed a formidable cult following with those who share it's shi shi sensibility.

With that dual personality, it has a  pleasantly unpredictable play on the palette that seduces your every tastebud into complete surrender.

Hey, get a room!!

The Keyser Söze of citrus, Pink Grapefruit is the quiet jungle king lurking in the background ready to pounce on your palette with its smooth mouthfeel and sweet finishing aroma.

Wait, where did it go?!


An old stalwart locked in mortal combat for citrus supremacy with its green nemesis.

This titan isn't the "it says it's natural but it tastes like something from a bubble gum machine or medicine cabinet" type.

It's as pure and authentic as a flavour can get using premium 100% pure lemon extract.

Keep it real homeboy.

your best is about to get better.

Reminiscent of the epic "tastes great, less filling" wars of the 80s,  there's a sour rivalry going on between this greenback and you know who over there →

Truth be told: key lime has always remained a little bitter from lemon's traditional lead in popularity.

We'll leave it to you to decide who's the king of classic citrus.

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