On-Site Power Generation: A Reference Book - Fourth Edition

By: Aptxl  09-12-2011

The most comprehensive reference book on portable generators available. This is a "must-have" for anyone working in the entertainment field using portable generators.

Thirty-nine chapters cover prime movers and energy sources, generators, circuit breakers, switchgear, automatic transfer switches, controls and monitoring systems, auxiliary equipment, applications, emissions, and troubleshooting. Topics also include alternative power generation technologies (wind, solar, fuel cell, and biomass generation), inverters, load banks, emergency standby, prime power applications, co-generation, "nine-9s reliable power," and interconnection of on-site synchronous generation with the electric power system.

Authored by more than 125 contributors from the Electrical Generating Systems Association. 

Published by the Electrical Generating Systems Assocation.

Hard cover; 599 pages; numerous illustrations