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By: Applyyourself  09-12-2011

When it comes to education, nothing sounds more exciting, presents more opportunities, or is more rewarding than the prospect of studying overseas—especially to students who are looking to fulfill their dreams with an education in the United States. The world of opportunity is large, and there are numerous ways for international students to learn about U.S. programs.

Hobsons is recognized worldwide as a global leader in education. Students around the world know our name, our print materials, and our Web sites, and they look to us time and again as a trusted resource to help them find the right programs and the right university in the United States for their interests. With the right mix of our international products and services, your school could be one of them.

The four regional editions of the USA Education Guide provide international students with information about U.S. educational opportunities; profiles and advertisements from a variety of U.S. institutions; and a comprehensive directory of all two- and four-year institutions in the United States.

Regular communication to and with international students can be costly—but it doesn't have to be. With Connect's Web-based system, international students can receive cost-efficient e-mails and electronic communication, all while giving universities a single student database and reporting that saves time and money.

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Student Qualification Servicess | Manage

Some are just beginning to learn about their college options and others see certain programs as the only ones for them, while still others are keeping a university on the fringe in case a better acceptance letter comes along. Hobsons' student qualification services were designed by industry experts to help save an institution's time and money on conversion from interested prospect to enrolled student.


Graduate Student Recruitment | Recruit

Online resources direct students to the right information, printed materials put important information in students' hands, and qualification tools help match graduate programs with the right students. The "typical" graduate student is anything but—in today's classroom, a student fresh out of undergraduate work sits next to a seasoned career professional in graduate-level classes.



Hobsons integrates publishing solutions, multimedia options, Web-based technology, and research options into business solutions that effectively meet your goals. Hobsons offers specific solutions for your school—whether you need help with marketing and attraction or technology and services. Whether your school is large or small, Hobsons has the solutions to meet your needs.


Recruit Students for Higher Education Programs

While colleges and universities welcome new students into their programs, they face several challenges: a limited timeframe to engage students, budget constraints, and a louder call for more efficiency with fewer resources. Our unique print, online, multimedia, and software solutions ensure that students find the right schools and also that schools find the right students.


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As today's most popular college discussion forum, College Confidential attracts students and parents time and again to post information about topics as diverse as general college admission requirements and specific school program information.


Manage Student Interest, Application, Decision, and Enrollment

Colleges and universities need to manage inquiry flow, applications, and all associated communication while managing budgets. All of these efforts must be memorable—keeping their institution top-of-mind when students apply and decide where to enroll. They also need to deliver time-sensitive decision information to students with limited time and staff.