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By: Applied Learning  09-12-2011

  • Do you need to engage employees with the 'burning platform' as to why change must happen?
  • Do you need employees to not only understand the 'what' but also the 'why'?
  • Do you need employees to accept their role in the transformation?

Business transformation requires employees to make dramatic changes to what they do and how they do it, but employees will resist this level of change without knowing reasons why they should, and agreeing to those reasons.

Leadership has the vision of what must change, but it is ultimately the thousands of decisions and actions taken daily by employees that will determine whether that vision is realized.

At Applied Learning, we have 10 years of experience in creating accelerated learning programs that effectively engage employees in large transformation efforts. The underlying philosophy of our approach is rather than tell people what to think or what to do differently, give them a fun and engaging process by which they can examine marketplace information. By exploring this marketplace information with a group of peers, using a series of pre-designed dialogue questions, the group will arrive at the appropriate conclusions for themselves.

"I will listen to what my manager has to say, but I will act on my own conclusions."

As an organization rushes to adapt to the needs of the market, it relies on each individual within the organization to deal with several levels of change. How each individual deals with change is often the main factor that determines whether they will be successful in the new environment. The collective responses of everyone in the organization will determine whether the company will be successful in the marketplace. By cultivating an organizational culture of properly dealing with change, a company can continuously transform itself and rely on it as a strategic advantage.

Clients have asked us to create custom Knowledge Maps to help employees deal with change at several different levels.

Some companies want to focus their employees on the structural changes going on within the company and what their role will be in the change process and the new company.

Other companies want to focus on a personal change process, equipping people with the skills and attitudes for dealing with ongoing change. A customized solution would be designed to meet your company's organizational goals and imperatives.

We will work with you to understand your business needs and develop an appropriate solution that achieves those goals.

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Knowledge Maps™ have been used by companies around the world to transform their employees into knowledge partners, focusing the organization on the most critical issues facing the business. Knowledge Maps are customized to meet each client's unique needs, whether those needs be company-wide strategy communication or executive leadership training.


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Once the key pieces of the strategy have been articulated clearly by the leadership team, we can help build a action oriented framework that will help to move strategies beyond the paper they are written on. Rather than "telling" employees about your strategy, we have the ability to develop customized Knowledge Maps to engage your employees in the thinking behind the strategy.


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Unless managers are equipped with the foundational knowledge of the company's strategies and tactics, it is unlikely they will be effective in engaging employees in a discussion of how each employee contributes to the future of the business. We work with Clients to integrate custom Knowledge Maps into leadership programs to renew intellectual capital and empower the executive to act as a change agent for achieving organizational effectiveness.


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At Applied Learning, we have helped companies engage employees in a learning process regarding changes to the company's brand strategy and repositioning of the company's brand in the marketplace. Then employees are given the chance to review marketplace data to see that the world has changed significantly since they formed their original view of the business.