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Aplicor Customer Relationship Management provides total account management that includes segmentation of accounts into sales-defined categories, special noting of related organizations, financial metrics that illustrate revenue, headcount and like figures for multiple years so that trends can be understood, user-defined account fields and much more. Accounts may be assigned based on territory, size, a named accounts program or a host of other user-defined criteria. Aplicor also permits flexibility such as allowing unlimited numbers of addresses for each account, unlimited contacts for each company and a complete historical audit trail for each organization. The Contact Management interface incorporates several popular sales methodology types and user-defined Alert Notifications allow account managers to present certain messages to anyone who may inquire on the account or contact record.


  • Solution Selling tools and process support for increased sales win closure rates
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI) for improved sales strategies and outselling primary competitors
  • Best Practices integrated into the sales process to repeat behaviors and actions that achieve success
  • Automated next-steps, reminders, tasks and alerts for continuous sale opportunity advancement
  • Custom workflow rules which automate activities to reduce non-selling time
  • Automated sales pipeline and forecast with predictive reporting for more accurate sales projections

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Activity Management organizes historical correspondence and transactions, illustrates each account's status, progress and advancement throughout the relationship, and manages account-specific task lists with resource assignments, delegated responsibilities, reminder notifications and due dates. Activity management ensures that prospect commitments are not overlooked, delegated tasks are completed and good time management is being applied to each account.


Viewing opportunities in a structured, weighted or relative fashion allows sales professionals and sales managers to track critical opportunity information, quickly note missing information or unanswered questions, group opportunities by sales cycle steps or time-to-closure, and focus on the right opportunities at the right time. As flexible Opportunity Management is the heart of accurate and meaningful sales forecasting, Aplicor delivers a program with structured sales probability scales and weighted value calculations, the ability to associate specific products or services with an opportunity, a full featured Quote generator and the flexibility to forecast opportunities by period, territory, sales team, salesperson, items and many other criteria. Competitors can be identified for each sales opportunity and the best sales strategy for each competitor can be suggested and applied. Opportunity advancement, competitor actions, sale results and win/ loss analysis can be tracked for each opportunity so that individual salesperson performance and win rates against particular competitors are constantly improving.

Competitive Intelligence

Aplicor provides a Competitor Library in order to educate the entire sales team with up to date and consistent competitor information. Competitor Library includes detailed information on your own competitors, their Staff, their Products and their sales strategies. It also illustrates a direct comparison between your organization and products vs. your competitors based on a number of user-defined categories. To improve sales effectiveness against particular competitors, the Competitor Library illustrates particular sales strategies for each competitor and performs a Win/Loss Analysis so that performance can be improved over time.


Flexible quota goal setting, real-time quota progress and path to achievement visibility allow both sales managers and sales professionals to know where they are at any given point as well as project where they will be with their given opportunities, pipelines and forecasts. Quota Management allows flexible business rules and quota assignment by period and optionally for specific accounts, specific products and other metrics. Quota Management also allows goal setting for non-financial metrics such as number of client acquisitions over periods of time. Additionally, multiple quota types can be created in order to set separate goals for a period such as up-sell quota, cross-sell quota and overall revenue quota.

Product Inventory

The Products Inventory allows product-oriented organizations get the sales-related item information into the hands of the sales force for more timely, accurate and effective selling. The item information may come from one of Aplicor's packaged integrations to the clients ERP or financial system or be created and maintained solely in the Aplicor system. Aplicor Product Inventory tracks detailed product profiles, including substitute, cross-sell and up-sell items, user-defined product fields and a variable pricing model which manages quantity volume pricing, promotional pricing or even flexible pricing for individual customer classes or individual customers. Further, management can create the business rules and system controls which determine those users who can modify item prices and by how much.

Aplicor's Sales Force Automation module is fully integrated with the Aplicor Foundation which delivers wireless access, sales specific data warehouses with OLAP (online analytical processing), full report writing capabilities, synchronization with Microsoft Outlook and much more.


Aplicor's Sales Force Automation system capabilities, unique operation and primary differentiators stem from three collective achievements. Generic systems deliver generic results. Flexible systems deliver high-impact results. We use Aplicor! -- Jon Sweet, CEO, Lysis Financial

Second, the industry has learned from the mistakes of others and it is clear that SFA initiatives fail without a focus on effective selling. The Aplicor Contact to Contract Sales Progression component allows sales managers to recommend sales processes, actions and follow-through activities to the various sales steps for each account or type of sales prospect. This facilitation supports sales staff with the organizations sales methodology, sales step processes and account activities all in one place and all integrated with the individual account and opportunity record. Applying consistent sales processes to the organizations sales prospects and facilitating the sales professional with the right activities at the right time is what separates mature SFA systems from lower-end contact managers.

Third, Aplicor Sales Force delivers deep SFA functionality previously reserved for the Fortune 1000 due to the several hundred thousand dollar software investment and long implementation efforts required. The net results of the Aplicor Sales Force solution include quick deployment, an extraordinary sales force adoption rate (actually used by salespeople and throughout the organization) and most of all- improved sales management, sales achievement and revenue growth.

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