By: Apex Decisions  09-12-2011

The retailers are constantly facing decisions such as:

  • Is this going to be a hot selling item that I should ensure I have ample supply of to reduce stock outs?
  • Is this going to be a slow moving item that I should markdown earlier on when there is still some demand and get rid of the inventory at a greater margin?
  • How do I optimally allocate inventory to different stores and regions to ensure that I don't have the right inventory at the wrong location?
  • How do I optimally compute the size distribution of apparels according to the geographic region or store?
  • Is it time to stop squeezing any more margins and instead consolidate the inventory from different stores for shipment to outlet centers simply because the assortment is too badly broken even for markdown to be effective or the item has reached the end of its lifecycle?
  • Should I promote some items and if so which ones? How much should be the price discount and / or what vehicle do I choose for promoting it?

These are but a few pain points retailers endure all the time. But you don't have to bear the pain all alone! Apex Decisions is there to cure the pain with its state of the art proprietary solutions based on tools it took 50+ person years to develop. 

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These forecasts together with supply constraints like current production plan, flexibility in manufacturing, marginal cost etc. produce optimal pricing, promotion and other decisions. The information obtained is combined with market variables like brand loyalty, product features and premiums to create highly accurate demand forecasts.