By: Apex Decisions  09-12-2011

Apex Decisions provides profit maximization solutions by automating your pricing, promotion and inventory management decisions. These decisions are directly delivered in real time to your ERP, SCM and other infrastructure systems. 

We start by extracting, cleaning and analyzing historical data and by gaining a thorough understanding of issues specific to you. The information obtained is combined with market variables like brand loyalty, product features and premiums to create highly accurate demand forecasts. These forecasts together with supply constraints like current production plan, flexibility in manufacturing, marginal cost etc. produce optimal pricing, promotion and other decisions.

We continuously monitor the data operations, market forecasts and decisions to ensure the results we promise you.

Isn't it dangerous to automate decisions?

It's no more dangerous than end to end automation through ERPs. The key to successful automation is the quality of science and its flawless implementation. Our technique is backed by exceptional brains and our methodology ensures that every piece of data is clean and each algorithm is tested with millions of simulations. 

But each company is unique and things change with time?

It is the strength of our implementation methodology to address these challenges at multiple level that allows us to guarantee results. 

  • Large part of our implementation effort goes into understanding your operational process and interpreting your data.
  • Our systems are self correcting and automatically make adjustments.
  • Our platform has monitoring system which continuously evaluates system efficiency and we make adjustments when required.
  • Our systems can be configured to address the nuances of your business.
  • We are narrowly focused on the manufacturing industry, so we understand your contingencies better.

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Is this going to be a slow moving item that I should markdown earlier on when there is still some demand and get rid of the inventory at a greater margin. How do I optimally allocate inventory to different stores and regions to ensure that I don't have the right inventory at the wrong location. How do I optimally compute the size distribution of apparels according to the geographic region or store.