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By: Apc Beauty  09-12-2011
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Elegant Eyebrows

Eyebrows "frame the entire face". Proper placement and shaping will open your eyes and add definition to your face. Eyebrows can change a "plain" look to a "magnificent" look!

For those of you who have little or no eyebrows, or wish to reshape those you have we can add a few hair strokes to match your existing hair. We can also add a soft powder looking background / design to create a new brow with variety of shapes and colors. With APC’s technique you will never have to worry about hard edges, or a "painted on" look.

Stunning Eyes

Properly selected smudge-free eyeliner removes the "tired and washed out" appearance from your expressions, as well as the entire face. Each eye shape requires individual artistry. Colors can be denim, charcoal, khaki, brown, soft auburn, black, etc…

Eyelash enhancement brings out the eyes just like eyeliner does. Pigment placed between the lashes will add volume and give the illusion of fuller lashes.

Beautiful Lips

Perfectly applied, beautiful and constant lip color will give more fullness and definition to your lips, as well as correct an uneven lip line if needed. This enhancement can minimize the appearance of wrinkles and can be used as a complement or substitute to today’s available fillers.

Paramedical and Constructive Applications

On a face a defect of the soul cannot be corrected but a defect of the face, if it is corrected, can correct a soul.

- Jean Cocteau

Many men and women are disfigured as a result of an accident, illness, birth defect, and/or surgical errors. Cleft-lips, scalp bald areas, breast areolas, scars, vitiligo and grafted skin after burns are examples that can be corrected. Paramedical enhancements, in some cases, can be the only solution, in another can be a completion or complement to surgery as a "the final touch".

At the time of consultation an APC professional will discuss, in detail, each case and offer the best solution. APC has the passion and integrity to help people look and feel their best!

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Keywords: Eyebrows, eyes