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By: Ap Talk  09-12-2011

Posted on 23 November 2010.

Nicholas was a typically developing infant and was very happy baby. At 11 months, Nicholas developed Intussusception which occurs when one portion of the bowel slides into the next, much like the pieces of a telescope. When this occurs, it creates an obstruction in the bowel, with the walls of the intestines pressing against one another. Nicholas was rushed in to surgery and thank goodness everything went really well. When Nicholas returned home… he seemed a bit different. From that point on, he started to withdraw. I had his hearing checked and finally took him to CHEO to have him assessed where he was diagnosed with PDDNOS. We worked with him and he was fully integrated in the school system with the help of an EA.

Nicholas is now in Grade 10 and enjoys making videos, movies and cartoon animations. He attends Saturday classes at the Ottawa School of Art. He also loves to take part in Musical Theatre and Drama at his school.

Nicholas helped his dad with the video.

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The plans made to introduce ABA to our communities, to support parents in their education, to develop a means of individualizing our children’s services, are all very exciting and we are pleased to be a part of the development of these new endeavours. The difference in definition is only slight in wording, but very significant in meaning when it comes to families affected by Autism.


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I was sure that they all hated it as much as I did but, having been raised to believe that spending time with your child was the ultimate goal, they must all have been feeling the pressure to fake their happiness. This need to follow rules, know rules, and make up rules is a funny little remnant of a much bigger issue, the one reason that keeps me from losing my temper with Jack when he wakes me up at the crack of dawn.