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By: Antons Sports  09-12-2011
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the Antons Sports Corporation is a leading provider of Sporting Goods and Medical Supplies. We offer a wide variety of products from leading manufacturers, please visit out online store for a complete list.

In addition to our line of sporting goods, we also offer a wide range of medical and first aid products from leading manufacturers like BSN Medical and 3M.

BarDown Hockey Apparel
BarDown Hockey is designed for the elite player at all levels. Designed by Canadian artist Rob MacDougall, BarDown Hockey has the look, the name and the passion to rival the biggest names in the industry.
If you are looking for an inexpensive, easy to use tool that will change your physical well being, then look no further! "The Stick" is a  self- massage device designed to give your muscles all the benefits that you would get from visiting a massage therapist or physiotherapist.
Henry Schein, Inc. is the largest distributor of healthcare products and services to office-based practitioners in the combined North American and European markets.

GITCH HITCH (TM) Laundry Loops

  • Laundry Loops with Sock Snare
  • The fastest and easiest way to manage your team’s laundry
  • Dries quicker than the regular laundry bags
  • Made in Canada
We offer a wide variety of medical supplies, please contact sales for a complete list.
SAM Medical Products
is a developer and manufacturer of innovative medical products used for emergency, military, and hospital care. Our products include the widely used SAM Splint, SAM Pelvic Sling, Soft Shell Splint, CELOX line of hemostatic agents, BursaMed line of shear and friction relieving dressings, and Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandages.

2nd Skin® Moist Pads help protect hot spots against friction and pressure, reducing the chance of blisters and skin irritation. Jar format is ideal for use in clinics, training rooms and first aid stations

Supports the pelvis, hip and groin areas while allowing for maximal motion. Recommended for all ages and activity levels.
"X" Core Activation System Black
86% Supplex : 14% Lycra 450G/W (Antibacterial, Quick Dry Wicking Materials)
Toast Pain Killin’ Products
 have developed two types of pain reliever products to eliminate the aches, pains, and swelling in every day life by utilizing the most up to date formulas for killin' pain. Screamin' Toast is the ultimate relief for intense pain and also effective in alleviating pain from Arthritis. Menthol Toast is specifically formulated for instant pain relief pain in tendons, joints, and to reduce swelling.
Jerseys, T-Shirts, Team Uniforms, Vapor Thin Socks, etc
Emergen-C is a delicious sparkling, flavorful, effervescent drink. Boost your electrolytes and immune system with Emergen-C, just add 6 oz of cold water, allow to fizz and drink.
Contact Sales for Team Packs or to mix packs
Coaches boards perfect for on ice instructions or on the bench.
Players will quickly understand your illustrated drill - more time for drill participation.
Available as clipboards, large on ice instruction boards (24" x 15"), dressing room boards, write-on/wipe-off surface with large dry erase pen.
Bunga Pads
Supplier of Absolute Athletics, the makers of Bunga Lace Bite Pads. The Lace Bite Pad has a rectangular gel pad attached to a thin, elastic sleeve which reduces pressure, shock and vibration from the shin to the top of the foot. This is a great pad for hockey players, figure skaters and rollerbladers. This pad is also use by skiers to prevent Shin Bang, runners to prevent the laces from digging into the top of the feet, and backpackers for blister and pressure protection to the top of their feet. Comes in one standard Size. Sold Individually.
Hockey Tape, Laces, repair equipment, tools, etc
Blade Tape
BladeTape is a revolutionary new patented replacement for your traditional cloth hockey tape. Blade Tape utilizes a durable rubber surface material with simple peel 'n' stick technology and it easily applies to both the front and back faces of your hockey blade. It offers both improved feel and performance on the ice.
Choosing an orthotic is like any other product you buy. Why should I buy that brand? When it comes to choosing an orthotic, we encourage consumers to ask the challenging questions. Choose Superfeet.

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