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Keywords: deer, Knife Cuts


We produce old time native American/Canadian tanned hides. They are tanned the old way. Each hide is also washed with natural soap. Each item and hide we produce is done entirely by hand. Any bullet holes and knife cuts are sewn with deer or elk sinew. All our hides are smoked, unless they are to be used as wedding dresses, as coats, or as shirts.

Deer $10-12 per sq ft.
Elk $12-14 per sq ft.
Moose $14-16 per sq ft.
Bison $14-16 per sq ft.
Bison rawhide $5-7 per sq ft.
Bison Robe $700-$800
Head, leg & tail old time Bison robes $1000-$1200Our prices depend on size, quality, and how much extra work it took to produce the item. We do not play around with salts, borax, neat's foot-oil, fabric softeners, machines, or any other chemicals. You can do the taste and rip test, or if you are able, compare them to old circa 1900 hides. Please feel free to inquire about specialty items such as: Bison parts, bones, calf hides, or any other hard-to-get item.

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Keywords: deer, Knife Cuts