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By: Anna Tulchinsky  09-12-2011
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To help you build successful lead-generation campaigns and attract customers through your website, we offer a wide range of Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services and products. Review the links below to determine which service or product best meets your needs:


The objective of our seminars are two-fold:

1) to show you how to position your site high on Google and other search engines;2) to show you how to build successful lead-generation campaigns through your site.

You will learn what is involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to plan, implement, and manage optimization of your site quickly, successfully, and cost-effectively. You will also learn how to ensure that visitors coming to your website through search engines do not stop at reading your pages, but progress as far as filling out your order or registration forms.

While our seminars are most suited for business owners and officers with Marketing and Sales responsibilities, anyone interested in learning how to position a site high on search engines and attract customers through it should attend. Overall, you would be able to apply SEO enhancements to your website immediately after the seminar and increase positioning of your site very quickly (within 2-4 weeks).

Please note that our seminars are not technical in nature, and no previous knowledge of Web Design or Development is required.

What is Included in an SEO Webinar

Our s earch engine optimization webinars cover the following:  

  • Rigorous methodology on how to select the most appropriate keywords for your business

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to conduct proper competitive analysis quickly and effectively and how to outdo even your most aggressive competitors

  • Carefully crafted strategy on how to maximize your investment in advertising campaigns of major search engines (Google’s AdWords and AdSense, for example), i.e. how to get more for less

  • Q&A session to help you apply the studied material to your particular business objectives, with practical guidance and improvement recommendations

  • Carefully researched, time-tested and customer-approved SEO guide, accompanied by a set of supporting materials (SEO glossary, references, and useful links).


How to Book an SEO Seminar

We offer regular Web Marketing and Search Engine Optimization online webinars and onsite seminars . Two hours of hands-on instruction are enhanced by real-life case studies examined live on the Internet. Continental breakfast and soft drinks are provided. Attendees receive printed materials containing time-tested SEO references and useful links. No technical knowledge is required.

We also offer customized SEO webinars delivered online. Onsite seminars are usually more productive, and if you are located in the Ottawa area, there are no additional fees for travel. For more remote locations, additional fees for travel expenses will apply.

To book an SEO workshop in the Ottawa area, please give a one-week notice. For a more remote location, please allow at least two weeks for travel arrangements.

The SEO webinars are best delivered to an audience of up to 20 people, while the minimum required enrolment is 5 attendees.



Basic SEO Consulting Package

Our basic SEO consulting package covers the following:

  1. Overview of your competition with strategic recommendations on how to out-position even your most aggressive competitors

  2. Review and analysis of your website:

√ Analysis of your business category in relation to your SEO objectives (optional)

√ Analysis of your keywords in relation to your sales targets with subsequent optimization recommendations:

  • Amount of information with keywords

  • Frequency of keywords

  • Keyword positioning (how high)

  • Page Title tag and Metatags

  • Links

√ Analysis of your link building strategy in relation to the overall marketing position of your company

√ Review of your site copy (i.e. site content) with optimization recommendations on how to increase your visitor-to-lead conversion rate, i.e. the number of incoming leads registered through your website

√ Critique of your navigation structure and improvement recommendations on how to maximize its SEO potential

√ Critique of your registration form and analysis of other "calls for action"

√ Independent opinion about the look-and-feel of your website to assess your customer focus and boost the visitor-to-lead conversion rate:

  • B2B site vs. consumer-oriented site

  • Small company vs. large company

  • Customer-focused vs. investor-focused

We do our homework carefully and provide you with a detailed report, containing point-by-point evaluation of your website from the point of view of its current SEO standing and in relation to your desired SEO goals.

The site optimization involves the following:

  • rigorous competitive analysis with subsequent development of a winning strategic plan to gain a strong and lasting competitive advantage

  • carefully planned optimization of your website page by page for a desired number of pre-defined keywords

  • revamping and optimization of existing web content, development of new optimized content, supported by incorporation of appropriate 'calls to action', visually appealing formatting styles, synchronized with the overall look-and-feel of your site

  • thoroughly researched link building campaign, implemented in full accordance with the overall marketing positioning of your company

  • implementation of prompting visual techniques to maximize the effectiveness of your lead-generation strategies

  • budget-conscious enrolment in paid advertising campaigns with major search engines (such as and others)

Having been properly implemented once, the site optimization begins producing outstanding results very quickly and continues to bring generous rewards for years afterward.

We believe that quality research and creativity are the main vehicles for differentiation and competitive advantage for our clients and ourselves. We take pride in conducting thorough research and delivering quality content at the best possible prices.

Whether you need a website content, a press release, a newsletter issue, an article, a consumer blog with daily reviews or tips, or a specialized technology blog with weekly posts - we have a solution for you. 

Creating quality content that would be of interest to your visitors is also an ideal way to boost your SEO ranking. To rank high on search engines, you need to have keyword-rich text, i.e. pages with content related to your business. 

We offer a wide range of copywriting services:

  • Website SEO Copywriting Services

  • Ghost Written Website Articles

  • Corporate and Private Blogging 

  • Press Releases

  • Resumes and Cover Letters

Our SEO copywriting and content creation services include the following:

  • analysing your competitors and your target audience

  • helping you crystallize your unique value proposition in the market

  • incorporating alluring calls to action

  • inter-linking appropriate pages and sections

  • SEO optimizing content for targeted keywords

  • SEO optimizing headers, subheaders, bullets and hyperlinks

Our writing and content delivery is carefully crafted to increase visitor-to-user conversion rate. This, after all, is the ultimate purpose of your website.  

Our writing and content creation package features:

  • 100% original content. 

  • You own full rights to the content. We delete all versions in our possession after delivery to you unless you gave us express permission to use some work as samples.

  • All materials are well-researched.

  • You approve a small sample before we write out the rest of your order. We will use your feedback as our quality assurance guidelines.

  • Stylization can be incorporated upon request.

  • Blog entries

  • Blog comments

  • Custom link research and collection

  • Statistical research

  • RSS feed content management

  • Adsense/PPC ad pages

  • Wiki materials

  • Consumer articles

  • SEO materials

  • Product reviews

  • E-books

  • Social bookmarking site reviews

  • Commentaries

  • Original research

  • Press Release materials

  • Website content concepts

  • "Expert" forum posting

  • Focused writing

  • Original E-book topics

  • Specialized blog writing and link management/annotation

Whether you need to create and manage feed syndications

You approve a small sample before we write out the rest of your order. Minimum order for content creation is 3000 words. Rates are based on word count (in US dollars).

  • 160 hours -               $1600 or

  • 1 to 10000 words -    7.25 cents per word

  • 10001 to 25000 -       6.75 cents per word

  • 25001 to 50000 -       6.25 cents per word

  • 50001 to 100000 -     5.70 cents per word

  • 100001 to 200000 -   5.55 cents per word

  • 200001 to 400000 -   5.25 cents per word

  • 400001+                  4 cents per word

Below are a few writing samples covering various genres. More samples can readily be available upon request.

Writing Samples:

SEO Copywriting Samples (high volume):

As part of our content creation services , we help you navigate the ocean of Social Media Marketingand make you stand out from the crowd.

The space of Web Marketing is constantly evolving. Search Engine Optimization is no longer limited to on-page optimization. Likewise, Search Engine Marketing is no longer about paid keyword campaigns and banner ads.

Like many other socio-economic phenomena, Marketing over the Internet, with all its seemingly disconnected elements, is gradually being consolidated and merged into one field - Social Media Marketing. In that, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, paid advertising campaigns, blogging, networking via forums and specialized social sites - all become increasingly more and more interdependent, collaborative and user-driven. Influenced by the naming convention used by software developers, the evolved collaborative nature of the Internet relations has been deemed as Web 2.0.

Whether you need to create and manage feed syndications like and at this stage, define the optimum strategy, create an executable plan within your budget limits, and then act on your behalf or help you do it yourself.

We believe that creativity is the main sustainable source of differentiation and competitive advantage for our clients and ourselves. We take pride in delivering innovative approaches to our clients' Social Marketing needs at the best possible prices.

If we were to tell you that you can have a fully loaded professional website with impressive graphics and fantastic features for as little as $1000 dollars, you would probably think it is too good to be true. 

This is how we can create a new website for you:

  • We help you select a template from one of the following sources:

  • Depending on your business, we discuss with you what features and functionalities you might need and decide what modules (i.e. registration form, e-commerce, survey, etc) to install.

  • We then provide you an estimate on how long it would take us to assemble your site.

  • If you already have a website but would like to port your content to a Joomla-based template, we will be happy to do that as part of the project

  • Custom coding, 3rd party integration (e.g. is also available.

  • It takes between 2 weeks and 2 months to build a new website, depending on the scale of the project and your requirements.

  • The price range can be anywhere from $500 to $15,000 per site, depending on the scale of the project and business requirements.

Heck, we will also send you a website design plan for SEO free of charge!

The fees are calculated on a per hour basis for short-term projects and on a per day basis for longer projects. Our package includes a few hours of  

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