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By: Anita B Creative  09-12-2011
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Below you will find photos of my work. I hope you find something for that special someone or just for yourself. Great ideas for any event!

Some pottery items are in stock but special orders are always welcome. If you don’t see a colour you like please call and I can let you know what options are available.
I provide special quotes for wedding, bridal party thank-you, anniversary or special event gifts. Free personalizing is available on special orders.Prices quoted in Canadian dollars. Shipping & Delivery extra. Pick-up is available or Free delivery is available in a 15 km radius of Guelph.

NOTE: All pieces are microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Veggie 'n dip platter . Very popular and can be made in a variety of colors and used for much more than just veggies.

Approxiately 9-11.5" in diameter
up to $42

Raised Bowl - A multi use unique piece that is used for many things from serving, fruit bowl, pillar candle holder or for floating candles. Can be made in a range of colours.

Approximately 8" in height 10" diameter 3" depth


Sample uses:

Tea pots - Another fun adventure to make, decoration and spouts can make for wonderful surprises coming out of the kiln. Some can be smaller 12oz pots or 32oz sizes.

$25 - $45

Chip 'n dip bowl. Another popular choice, has high sides and can be made in a variety of colors and used for much more than just chips. Nachos and cheese maybe ;)

Approximately 11 inches in diameter and sides are 2.5 to 4 inches deep


Picture coming soon!

Juicers - old fashioned decorative juicers. So pretty they can be hung on the wall.

Vases - almost as nice empty as they are filled with pretty flowers. See work in progress for more.

Prices vary $20-$30

Pictures coming soon!

Spoon rests - a variety of unique designs decorative. Using handbuidling and forming.
Prices and sizes vary
up to $15

Mugs - I enjoy making these in different colours shapes and sizes. These can be personalized see the samples below.

$ 12

Mug samples:

no finished images available as yet - check in progress for some samples

Beer Steins - what can I say you can either use em for beer or have one large cup of tea or coffee.


Salt and pepper shakers- great fun pieces to make. Always a creative adventure.
Various sizes.

$12 /set

no finished images available as yet - check in progress for some samples

Butter bells - Unique old fashioned way of keeping butter soft and fresh for long periods of time without refrigeration. It is a two piece set where the lid is flipped upright and contains the butter. The base is filled with cold water and when the butter is not used the lid is put back on the base and the water and butter make a seal to protect the butter. Water should be changed every few days. It can be left on the counter to have spreadable butter on hand any time! This is the way things were done in the old days.. what's old seems to be coming back! Great unique gift


Berry bowls / Strainer - a pretty way to keep your delicate fruits fresh and the clay keeps them cooler longer. Great for straining as well

Approximately 9" diam 5" depth

Covered dish - great pieces to add to your table. Sizes vary. Some larger ones can be used to bake brie or serve pate the smaller sizes are great for the butter. Any color p

small regular - $22
larger - $28

no finished images available as yet - check in progress for some samples

Beer Steins - what can I say you can either use em for beer or have one large cup of tea or coffee.


Utensil holder or Wine chiller - great to hold all those tools you need in one place or put in freezer for an hour or so and the pottery will retain cold to keep your wine cool.


Bowls / Plates / Deep Dishes /Platters - varying sizes and styles great for serving and can of course be used in the oven.- small , medium, large, xl range in size from 6" -12" in diameter.

Prices vary from $20 - $60

Sample pieces:

Image not available as yet

Small dipping bowls - These are super for all kinds of things, we use them for salsa, dipping oils, great for sushi dips etc.$5

Batter bowls - These can vary in size.

Prices range from $18 - $28

Dog or Cat dish - Raised - My friend passed this idea on to me and it makes great sense. Makes pets feel special and keeps long eared doggies neat and tidy. I have also heard it may be better for dog digestion. My lil ladies Staci and Jackson love theirs!

The model on the left is a prototype. I plan to include some options; different colours, dog names and paw prints.Approximately 4 to 5" High, holds approx 1 cup dry dog food (can be made larger).

Pitchers - smaller pieces can be used for gravy, dressing while larger ones can be used as a vase or for drinks (hmm long island ice teas). I personally find them quite decorative on their own or paired with other pieces. small 16oz or as large as 45oz.

Prices range from $16 - $32

Pictures coming soon!

Cake /dessert plates - Raised pedestal plates. They vary in size and can be stacked to make tiers. Can also be used to display candles.
Prices vary.
$30 - $50
Lidded forms - sugar bowls etc. vary in prices
Decorative Pieces / Set ideas - Just some fun stuff that can be put together or some set ideas. I am loving the underglaze use it's fun and I hope to bring you all more.

Other examples

NOTE: All pieces are micro-wave, oven and dishwasher safe.

Coming soon.. contact me to see if I have what you are looking for

I continue to work on art so may have new work added regularly. I sign all of the prints and will limit the number of prints for each

Penguins - I love them what dedication they have to each other. Original is watercolour. Size 11"x14". Can be enlarged.

$18 print

Daffodils - soft and delicate. Original in watercolour. See images below (both are same). Size 8"x10"

$12 print

Same as above shown how it would look framed

Family Swim - Graceful swans. Original watercolour. Size 9"x12"

$12 print

Country Living - Original in watercolour. Size 8"x10"

$12 print

Lone Flower - soft palette. Original is watercolour. Size 10.5"x9.5"

$12 print

Time of Life - I love winter and my fondest memories are of playing in snow. Original is watercolour and watercolour pencil. Size 8.5"x11

$12 print

Peaceful Place - A beautiful tucked away secret place near south beach miami. Original is watercolour. Size 10"x13"

$14 print

White Caps and Weeds - A friend inspired the name of this one. Original is watercolour. Size 5"x7"

$6 print

Porch Night - Original is watercolour. Size 9"x6.5"

$12 print

Our View - This is the view from our home in Guelph on a slightly overcast day. Original is watercolour. Size 8.5"x5"

$6 print

Finding Focus - Original is pen and ink. Size8.5"x11"

$6 print

Intoxication - Original is watercolour. Size 6"x7"

$6 print

Just Ducky - Original is watercolour. Size 8.5"x5"

$6 print

Favorite Place - Apples always remind me of my grandparents and their farm in Quebec. They hold a special place in my heart. Original was done in coloured pencil. Size 8"x10"

$12 print

Simplicity - Orginal is watercolour. Size 9.5"x6.5"

$6 print

Simple Display - Original is watercolour. I thought it was a fun project. Size 8.5"x7.5"

$8 print

Table Top - Bright image from an od angle. Original is watercolour. Size 9X12"

$12 print

Beach Home - Original is watercolour. Size 6.5"x6"

$6 print

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Keywords: Bowls, Butter