Animation Stand Specifications

By: Animation Stand  09-12-2011
Keywords: Animation

Animation Stand includes

Macintosh or Windows

User Interface. 

  • Full OS support, TrueType support, QuickTime support, automatic subscriptions, drag-and-drop
  • Pop-up, tear-off, and user-configurable toolboxes
  • Traditional exposure sheet and/or graphic interface
  • Graphical editing toolbox for current frame manipulations
  • Hot-linking of all windows, even over a mixed network
  • Customizable interfaces
  • Supports pressure-sensitive stylus
  • User editable color-match models
  • Work at any supported color resolution or DPI, regardless of monitor, multiple DPI views available
  • Supports multiple screens
  • Step-by-step tutorial
  • On-screen help
  • On-line manual
  • Preferences may be saved per user, machine, or project


  • Cinema edition: Unlimited
  • Personal Edition: Set to 256 x 192 pixels
  • 1 to 32 bit color levels
  • Multi-plane camera controls of cel art including trucks, pans, wipes, zooms, slow in, slow out, fade and dissolve during move
  • User-created, curve-, spline-, and example-based motion paths
  • Sub-pixel antialiasing
  • Sub-pixel motion
  • Full frame accuracy on output
  • No frame or layer limit
  • No picture size limit
  • 8 types of edge processing
  • Automatic drop shadows
  • Linear keying
  • Pencil-test mode
  • Edit-in features -- Output specific frames/layers
  • Sound synchronization
  • Frame and time readout
  • Direct film printing
  • 3D rendering (Mac Only)
  • Up to 60 FPS playback
  • Operates bulk load and manual scanners
  • Builds exposure sheets using OCR
  • Cleans up cels/fixes lines
  • Aligns using peg holes
  • User controllable scanning parameters
  • Generates markup sheets from colored cels
  • Automatically updates color names
  • NTSC legalization of any cel or palette
  • Register to any point in cel
  • Pressure sensitivity controls line width and/or ink flow
  • CMYK color separations
  • Antialiasing
  • 3 layers of light table
  • Double-loaded and user-defined brushes
  • Bump-mapping
  • Paint with textures
  • Multiple, noncontiguous splines
  • 32 bit masking
  • Surface mapping -- Standard and user-definable objects
  • Advanced airbrush patterns, editable flow patterns, controllable flow rate
  • Multiple Fill Types
  • Pixelize, blur, smudge images
  • Extrude/relight
  • Color/pattern controls -- RGB/HSV palette spread, select color not on palette, named colors
  • Colorization -- Saturation control, invert luminance, find lines, RGB/HSV color block changes
  • Lighting -- Unlimited light sources including spot lights, full control over lighting parameters
  • Modes -- Acrylic, variable blend, gel, mask, paint from another document, soft edge, alpha channel, darkest color, lightest color, faded edges, antialiasing, partial color modes, definable wash types and patterns, palette color spread
  • 6 forms of document selection options through marquee and lasso, expand or shrink selection, fill with selection, select with polygon, etc.
  • Partial undo and revert
  • Rotate, twist, resize, bend, flip, tilt, squash, and stretch
  • User programmable tools
  • Auto-PainterTM built-in
  • ArtDirector TM available
  • Unlimited effects in one pass
  • Multiple exposures
  • Transparencies -- White, black, alpha, reversed alpha, from 3D programs
  • Controlled, in-motion fades
  • Mattes -- Black-and-white, color, and automatic
  • Gels
  • Boolean and arithmetic modes
  • Rack focus 
  • Glow 
  • Backlight 
  • Bluescreen/Greenscreen 
  • Edit sounds using cut, copy, & paste
  • Graphic display of waveforms
  • "Beat" marking
  • Frame/sound correlation
  • Squash/stretch sound with or without frequency shift
  • Multiple concurrent sound tracks
  • Automatic frame/time tracking
  • SMPTE control
  • Switch closure actuation
  • Direct film printing
  • Controllers/DDRs -- VAS, Diaquest, Sony, Abekas, V/LAN, ARTI, BCD, Sanyo, Accom, etc.
  • Real-time output
  • Animation Stand Movie format
  • QuickTime Movie format
  • Exposure sheet
  • Pani (Animation preferences)
  • All major platform specific and cross-platform image formats supported
  • System 7 and WAVE Sound

Keywords: Animation

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Animation Stand: Cinema Edition

Animation Stand is the leader in cross-platform tools for professional, cost effective, easy to use computer-assisted 2 1/2D character animation, compositing and film quality special effects. Since 1989, professional and industrial animation studios, postproduction, and video facilities have used Animation Stand, worldwide.


Animation Stand: Screen Shots

The tools shown, always relevant to what you're doing, are for manipulating the current frame, the layer selections, squash, stretch, rotation, and move handles, and the exposure sheet in the background. If any pieces of art used in the exposure sheet's current frame are modified by another user on the network, those changes will immediately be shown in the current frame window.


Animation Stand: Products

It includes the Ink & Paint, Pencil Test, Sound Edit, Compositing, Auto-paint, Effects, Transport control, and all other features, including Art Director and ScanLink. Animation Stand is our complete animation product.