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By: Anderkin  09-12-2011
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Call for current pollination prices..

Advantages of Pollination

1. Bees help set as many of the early vigorous blossoms as possible.

2. Larger and more uniform fruit and increased pounds per acre are associated with an increased number of bee visits.

3. A Higher Concentration of Bees In Your Orchard can Make you Money

Hive Stocking Rates

Apples Standard 1 hive per acre
Semi-Dwarf 2 hives per acre
Dwarf 3 hives per acre
Pears Plums 1 hive per acre
Peaches Nectarines 1 hive per acre
Cherries Apricots 1 hive per acre
Small Fruit Crops

Cranberries 3 hive per acre
Blueberries 3 hives per acre
Raspberries 1 hive per acre
Strawberries 1 hive per acre
These Field Crops Need 1 Hive per acre

Cucumbers Melons Pumpkins
Squash Zucchini Ginseng
Canola Buckwheat Sunflowers
Clovers Trefoil Alfalfa

Keywords: Hives