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By: Ancient Armour  09-12-2011
Keywords: Art, Swords, Armor

Welcome to the Ancient
Armoury. Here you will find a profoundness of  SCA ARMOR ,
CHAINMAIL and leather armor. The steel armor we offer is
of SCA armor quality and LARP   quality. It can also be
used for displays and for attending renaissance and medieval faires.

Chainmail has always been associated with Medieval armor in
defiance of the sword .We present an extensive line of steel,
aluminum, brass and copper chainmail. Most of our chainmail with the expressed
exception on the aluminum is suitable for full contact combat purposes, but also
is great for display or wearing to the faire.

Medieval Swords, medieval
axes, Japanese Swords, Fencing Sabres, Epees and are also included by the
highest quality brands available. If you are in need of historically correct
medieval swords, medieval axes, medieval flails and maces, you need to see our

We have a unique offering of  Ancient Artwork as well, in a class of craftsmanship
which speaks for itself. Egyptian Art, Ancient Goddesses, Pre-Columbian
Mesopotamian, Assyrian and Greek art, including statues, wall reliefs and other
collectibles. Check out the wide variety of Ancient Art at unbelievable

Keywords: Armor, Art, Chainmail, Swords