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Anchor Lamina manufactures high quality die sets, die components, steel plates and metal fabrications and provides related services and components to the builders of molds, dies, fixtures and machines. From our large selection of in-house specialty steels, we provide the material required for building die sets and molds. Our services include the engineering support required for using the latest die and mold technologies including aerial and die mount cams. A large selection of in-stock die and mold components is available from Anchor Lamina and Lamina component distributors.

Anchor Lamina specializes in building custom die sets for tool and die makers. Die sets are manufactured in sizes up to 120" x 360" (3000 mm x 9000 mm). Standard in-stock die sets are available.

Lamina Components manufactures and distributes Lamina brand die and mold components. All Lamina components are the preferred components for building complex dies and molds. Lamina die and mold components are available through Anchor Lamina locations and from Lamina distributors across North America and throughout the world.

Order the steel plate you need for the job. Anchor Lamina stocks plain carbon and specialty tool steels used by tool, die and mold makers. All steel is supplied cut and finished to your specifications. Bolster plates, adapter plates and other specialty machined steel plates for tooling are available. Blanchard grinding, CNC machining, flame cutting and stress relieving are available as required.

Please contact any Anchor Lamina location for a quotation.

Draw on Anchor Lamina's steel plate manufacturing expertise, specialty steel plate inventory and in-stock mold components for your custom ejector box assembly. Plate manufacturing capacity of up to 138" x 360" (3500 mm x 9000 mm).

Steel and aluminum fixture bases are available in standard and custom configurations. Custom bases are available at standard prices.

We have developed special fabricating techniques to manufacture large custom steel plate fabrications. Specialty steel fabrications include machine bases, milling machine angle plates, and large-scale platforms. We distribute various low and high carbon steel, high carbon alloy steels and offer steel plate services. Steel services include cutting, annealing and grinding steel plate.

Because of their high power, compact design, smooth rotation, and long life, Lamina gerotor hydraulic motors are ideal in a range of applications.

Lamina has been manufacturing quality portable hydraulic equipment for over 45 years. Our portable hydraulic equipment includes die setters, portable heavy-duty drilling equipment, hydraulic cylinders, and die separators.

Specializing in bronze plating on low and high carbon steel. Automated rack plating line can accomodate part weights up to 400 lbs. (180 kg) and a part size envelope of 36" x 36" x 96" ( 900 mm x 900 mm x 2400 mm).

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