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By: Amy Lorenti  09-12-2011

The other evening – when my way-too-grown-up-for-10 son was explaining in his way-more-than-Mom-needs-or-cares-to-know style why a Halloween movie starring Internet sensation, Fred, would be the perfect choice for our next mommy/son night at the same time I was pondering whether I would rather have tooth picks shoved under my toe nails or endure another Fred movie – I had a flashback of sorts.

There was Ryan still chattering away, but it was though the sound had been turned down and his 10-year old self had faded while another image appeared over him.

Blue nylon, blond hair and impressive abs, a 4-year old super hero says, “Mommy. I going now to save the world. I’ll be back for lunch.”

Just as suddenly 4-year old Ryan fades away, and I once again hear today’s Ryan, “So anyway, Mom, this Fred movie is gonna be EPIC! It’s the Halloween one and Fred is in a wrestling match ’cause his dad is John Cena and if we watch it together we can have popcorn and cuddle.”

This flashback thing has been happening more and more lately. Maybe I’m not getting enough sleep. Anyway, last week I pull up to the car rider line and see him with the other kids so I do (to a child) the unthinkable – I smile and wave. Ryan pretended I belonged to some other kid and ignored me. Then, as I watched the love of my life slowly make his way to the car shuffling his feet with his head down, just like THAT, the scene faded and there was my beautiful toddler – all smiles and bright eyes, wearing his little blue Crocs, arms outstretched and gleefully lisping “Mommy, I mished you!”

“Mom…Mom!” Jumping slightly, I see Ryan managed to get in the car and I hadn’t noticed. Little Ryan was gone. “What’s wrong with you, Mom? You’re holding up the line.”

“Oh. Right.” As I follow the other cars out, my darling had one last thing to say “Don’t embarrass me like that again. Nobody’s mom waves to them when they’re in 4th grade!”

“Oh. Sorry.”

Wait. Did I hear something about popcorn and cuddling? Maybe I could sit through one more Fred movie.

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His leadership and inspiration not only led to delights like the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad – it gave small businesses like mine a chance to compete with larger firms, and win. Forsaking my business administration degree, in the late 70?s I went back to college for graphic design. Drafting boards, straight edges, colored markers and pads of paper – lots and lots of paper.


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He didn’t have his driver’s license when he suggested we to go together to a special presentation one night at the school, so his mom drove us and sat in another section of the auditorium during the show. Most of the kids I entered elementary school with graduated from high school right beside me 12 years later. Every kid wears the crown of new kid at school at some time or another – many more than once.