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By: Ampere Metal  09-12-2011
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Some parts may require that only a specific area of the over-all part be treated during a metal finishing process. A gear, for instance, may require dry film lubricant on the gear area itself, while leaving an internal bore free from the coating in order to remain within tolerance.

A masking job can be as simple as wrapping masking tape around a select area of a shaft to protect it during processing. Other masking operations can be much more difficult and complicated. This largely depends upon the configuration of the part and the nature of the process that will be applied to it.

Our facilities include masking capabilities and effective techniques to provide you with selective coatings that have clean, smooth edges where required.

Some parts risk becoming embrittled with hydrogen during processing. We offer hydrogen embrittlement relief before and/or after processing. Times and temperatures may vary depending upon applicable specification.

Oven charts indicating times and temperatures are maintained and are available as proof of compliance.

Corrosion testing is a standard requirement for many metal finishing processes. Our facilities offer both salt spray and humidity testing on parts or test panels requiring verification of corrosion protection.

Standard salt spray testing is performed in accordance to ASTM B117 and standard humidity testing is performed in accordance to ASTM D2247. Alternative test methods may be performed as required by specification.

We offer special part marking services to our customer when they are required.

If you require your parts to be packaged in a special way after being processed, we'd be happy to do it for you.

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