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By: Amlextech  09-12-2011
Keywords: Tin Copper

Being an established provider of high-end precision reel to reel stamping and electroplating services, Amlex manufactures a full range of stamped and electroplated products.  

We are capable of producing leadframe backend processes and custom-made parts, nickel palladium gold (NiPdAu) PPF plated leadframe and full and selective matte pure tin plated connector products.

Our full range of products also includes full and selective (spot and ring) silver plated leadframes, full and selective tin copper (Sn/Cu) alloy solder plated connectors and leadframes.

Our customers' end-products range from LED displays, printer detection sensors, antenna contacts, motion sensors, optical mouse, power window controller contacts, loudspeaker core plates, mini-module smartcards, airbag sensors, solar power panel and etc.

Keywords: Tin Copper

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Our processes include nickel palladium plating, full nickel / copper, full or selective tin/lead, full or selective gold plating, full or spot silver, and lead free alternatives such as pure tin, tin copper and tin bismuth. Amlex Technology is fully equipped with state of the art equipments which include complete facilities in our process and quality assurance laboratories and tooling department.