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By: Amero Communications  09-12-2011
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To deliver the best possible translation and truly meet the clients’ translation needs, Amero collaborates with clients and gives them the opportunity to work with the same translators from project to project. Communication around the preferred industry-specific terms and jargon as well as key messaging ensures consistency and expedites the translation process. We take the time to build and maintain relationships with both our translators and clients, to the benefit of both parties.

Amero’s translators only work into their native tongues because only someone who lives and works regularly in a language has the ease and comfort level that ensures both fluidity and accuracy.

These translators also have an affinity for the written word, so clients can be sure their documents will convey not only the message, but the appropriate tone and style.

Foreign language transcription is becoming more and more prevalent as many production companies, documentary producers, and reality programming reaches out across the globe. If your video or audio footage has foreign language content, Amero can produce a verbatim transcript of this content and then translate it into English for you, to facilitate editing, for instance.

We offer simultaneous, consecutive and whispered interpretation, which means we can handle everything from conferences and seminars to business meetings, press interviews and conference calls.

While we have plenty of experience in financial services and banking, retail, manufacturing and heavy industry, and film and television, we will quickly get up to speed on your specific business. Our inquisitive interpreters know that research and preparation ensure that Amero delivers the best possible interpretation for its diverse client base.

Amero also makes a point of selecting interpreters whose accent most closely matches that of the target audience. Why? Because even Canadian English speakers may have to work a little harder to immediately grasp English that’s spoken with a British or Australian accent. Likewise, a native Spaniard may be challenged by Cuban or Mexican Spanish.

For official and government documents

Translations of official documents, such as drivers’ licenses, marriage/death/birth certificates, and school or university transcripts for submission to government offices, require certification. This means the translator must be certified by the certifying body of the province in which the document will be submitted.

If your official document translation will be submitted to a government office abroad, the certified translator’s signature must be notarized. As well, the notary’s signature must be authenticated by the Ministry of Government Services. Finally, the official document translation must be legalized by the consulate of the country where the document translation will be presented.

Keywords: Financial Services, Foreign Language Transcription, interpretation, translation,