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By: American Signal  09-12-2011
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American Signal Corporation (ASC) manufactures outdoor mass notification systems.  All of our warning systems are built in our world headquarters and manufacturing facility in Milwaukee, WI.  Milwaukee, a traditional home to precision manufacturing services has been home to our company for more than a century.  Our historic success laid the foundation for our technologically advanced products. Our mass notification warning systems are in place throughout the United States and around the world.  Many have been in operation for decades; many have been installed within the last ten years as the world grows and more people are at risk of a wider variety of emergencies. 

Electronic outdoor warning systems, comprised of high-powered speaker arrays (HPSA), are a growing portion of our current mass notification system deployments.  Giant Voice, outdoor Emergency Voice Notification Systems (EVNS), outdoor Public Address (PA), no matter the name, HPSAs are the most effective way to broadcast warning tones and pre-recorded voice warnings.  Live PA functions allow remote or local officials to issue specific warnings and directions during an emergency or an evacuation.  American Signal omni-directional I-Force HPSAs are the most efficient designs built in America today.  ASC E-Class HPSAs are among the most versatile and cost-effective methods to provide specific notifications to everyone in the area. 

Tempest Series electro-mechanical sirens are the workhorses of ASC outdoor warning systems.  These are the tone-only warning sirens used to alert the public to severe weather, fire station calls, industrial accidents; any event that requires the public to take immediate action to secure their safety.  Tempest mechanical sirens generate loud, unmistakable tones that provide and immediately recognizable warnings to the public.  ASC manufactures a focused line of outdoor mechanical warning sirens.  We manufacture the loudest siren built in the United States.  While volume alone does not constitute an effective warning, louder sirens do provide warning coverage across larger areas.  This makes our loudest siren the most efficient way to warn large, up to six-mile diameter, areas.  Our other sirens are more focused, effective, and appropriate for smaller areas and municipalities with higher population densities.  No matter the community or facility, ASC Tempest sirens are the most effective way to warn people of an emergency.   

Keywords: Notification Systems, Sirens, Warning Sirens, Warning Systems,

Other products and services from American Signal


Indoor Notification | American Signal

Includes, Stainless Steel enclosures, battery charging system, 6 of 13 programmable tones, public address, 2000 to 3200 watts of audio power to provide signal and voice communication to multiple speaker units. Relay output for activation of strobe lights, RS-232 & RS-485 to network multiple units together, as well as provide analog output to message signs. ISC-5 2000 WattsISC-6 2400 WattsISC-7 2800 WattsISC-8 3200 Watts.


Tempest Siren | American Signal

The Tempest sirens have been deployed in all 50 states, and 60 countries across a broad range of military and government facilities, industries, and communities to provide mass notification to tens of millions of people. The Tempest™-135 AC/DC Siren is one of the latest products of American Signal’s electro-mechanical siren series.


Electronic Sirens | American Signal

The E-Class voice HPSA is full configurable for a wide range of applications and coverage patterns, from directional 90, 180, 270, to a full 360 omni-directional sound propagation. Each 400 Watt speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400 Watt power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. For a powerful yet economical voice/siren system E-Class wilt meet your needs.


Command and Controls | American Signal

The CSC 960 is designed for ease of use and simplicity of activation; inserting and turning the key unlocks the control panel and pushing the appropriate button activates predetermined sites with preprogrammed audible alerts. The Central Station Controller 960 is a Status Encoder that is capable of activating siren sites via TTS, DTMF, or FSK, individually, in groups, or all at once.