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By: American Signal  09-12-2011

The E-Class voice HPSA is full configurable for a wide range of applications and coverage patterns, from directional 90, 180, 270, to a full 360 omni-directional sound propagation. Each 400 Watt speaker array is directly interfaced to a 400 Watt power amplifier for clear siren tone and voice communication. For a powerful yet economical voice/siren system E-Class wilt meet your needs.

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Indoor Notification | American Signal

Includes, Stainless Steel enclosures, battery charging system, 6 of 13 programmable tones, public address, 2000 to 3200 watts of audio power to provide signal and voice communication to multiple speaker units. Relay output for activation of strobe lights, RS-232 & RS-485 to network multiple units together, as well as provide analog output to message signs. ISC-5 2000 WattsISC-6 2400 WattsISC-7 2800 WattsISC-8 3200 Watts.


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ASC E-Class HPSAs are among the most versatile and cost-effective methods to provide specific notifications to everyone in the area.


Tempest Siren | American Signal

The Tempest sirens have been deployed in all 50 states, and 60 countries across a broad range of military and government facilities, industries, and communities to provide mass notification to tens of millions of people. The Tempest™-135 AC/DC Siren is one of the latest products of American Signal’s electro-mechanical siren series.


Command and Controls | American Signal

The CSC 960 is designed for ease of use and simplicity of activation; inserting and turning the key unlocks the control panel and pushing the appropriate button activates predetermined sites with preprogrammed audible alerts. The Central Station Controller 960 is a Status Encoder that is capable of activating siren sites via TTS, DTMF, or FSK, individually, in groups, or all at once.