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By: American Master Gutters  09-12-2011

Upgrade your roof with AMG Copper guttering made in Germany

An external roof drainage system that excels in terms of its unique, top-quality material, a guttering system that stands out with regards to function, excellence and exquisite quality.

AMG offers state-of-the-art production facilities, as well as highly-skilled engineers and highly-qualified commercial staff, providing our partners with fast and uncomplicated onsite support.

Give your roof the crowning glory it deserves!

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American Master Gutters, Inc - products downspouts

The seamed and welded downspouts have a slightly conical design, so that the individual sections can be inserted into each other to a depth of at least 1.97 inches. For use with the respective guttering type, we offer both round and square copper downspouts, available in various size ranges. Using a simple tool or the downleader coupling allows even the smallest residual pieces to be used.


American Master Gutters, Inc - products gutters

As a bracket-mounted gutter, this form of guttering is by far the most popular design, as it offers the most favourable prerequisites for water drainage. The rounded guttering always guides the water towards the center, ensuring lower soiling even in the case of minimal flow speeds. The standard lengths are 10 and 18 feet.