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By: American Consulting And Training  09-12-2011
Keywords: Productivity

This two-day Action Learning program addresses real issues to achieve real work objectives. Management teams will learn the most successful model of management, applying it's fundamental key practices, to:

  • Increase Productivity - Typically 30% savings in time to market, project costs, or output with the same resources.
  • Make Better Decisions, Faster - more informed, timely and practical decisions to respond to opportunities and challenges.
  • Eliminate confusion and conflicts, especially in cross-functional work environments.
  • Gain nearly 100% execution against commitment (bring complex projects in on time)
  • Create opportunities and challenges

Target Audience

Three or more levels of management - the sponsoring client manager and two levels below him/her.

The Launch achieves breakthrough levels of application by working directly with three or more levees of management at one time. Using the unique set of practices in this model, managers will be able to get the right information to make the right decisions about how to use the organization's resources. This leads to a faster change in productivity and an increased quality of work.

Action Learning - 15% Listening, 85% Doing

In this customized Action Learning* session, your team will address and resolve the actual, current operational issues they face now, cleaning up barriers to high output. As needed, we will guide the team to:

  • Streamline and align objectives and your process of keeping them up-to-date
  • Focus on outputs and results rather than inputs and effort
  • Arrange real-time performance feedback to individuals
  • Convert status review meetings to Decision/Action meetings

* ACT's Action Learning means the whole management team is in the room together, making operational decisions to resolve the real problems and opportunities they face in the next month. In the process, they will master and adopt management practices for sustained and compounding performance improvement.

Keywords: Productivity

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