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By: American Consulting And Training  09-12-2011
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This one-day workshop reinforces a set of proven, fundamental management practices that gets results! It introduces the power of Five Key Management Practices that make your organization smart – able to continuously adapt and grow, even in volatile business environments.

These five practices are immediately relevant on the job. Within weeks the results will astound even the most effective managers, because this process works! Teams keep themselves aligned and focused on achieving priority goals and quickly adjusting to threats as well as opportunities.


Course Objectives

  1. To define the role of management: to process information to control the organization's use of resources.
  2. To define the five key management practices that comprise the management information processing system:
    • Output, Feedback, Resource Systems (OFRs) for Individual contributors
    • Group Decision-Making
    • Performance Outputs and Priorities (POPs)
    • Work Previews
    •  Linked Management Teams
  3. To provide specific skill practice for: Group Decision-Making, Performance Outputs and Priorities (POPs), and Work Previews.

Target Audience

  • Executives (strategic managers);
  • Middle managers (those who manager other managers and project teams); and
  • First-line managers (people who manage Individual Contributors).


  • This one-day workshop has been designed using the assumption and methods of Experience-Based Training. The key assumption is that adults learn best by reflecting on their own experience. The key to effective workshop design is to provide an orderly set of structured experiences so that the students focus on the part of their experience most relevant to the course objectives and are led to see the interrelationships of these experiences.

Key Concepts

  • Management is information processing for focusing organizational resources.
  • The information processing system is comprised of five key management practices.
  • The five key management practices are systemically interdependent – you must do them all.
  • Management teams are accountable for the team’s resources.
  • Output, Feedback, Resource Systems (OFRs) for associates/individual contributors is the ultimate metric for management effectiveness.

Key Skills

  • Ability to diagnose task performance for OFRs
  • Maintaining an equity norm state in group dynamics
  • Guiding processes for group problem-solving
  • Consultative decision-making
  • Disagree and commit
  • Drafting Performance Outputs and Priorities (POPs)
  • OSIR procedure for Work Previews
  • Graphics for reporting status in Work Previews
  • Screening Work Preview Agendas for Issues
  • Preparation of one’s own Issues for Work Preview
  • Ability to diagnose breakdowns in the structure of Linked Teams
  • Chartering and managing cross-functional teams

Workshop Exercises

  1. Introduction to the Five Key Management Practices for organizational speed and flexibility
  2. Assessing a management system
  3. Output, Feedback, Resources Systems (OFRs) analysis
  4. Auditing Performance Outputs and Priorities Statement (POPs)
  5. Drafting one's own POPs
  6. Preparing Issues for Work Preview
  7. Leading a Work Preview
  8. Corrective Action for breakdown in Linked Teams
  9. Assessing your own team
  10. Action plan for improving the use of the Five Key Management Practices

Course Materials

  • Text: Daniels, William R. And Mathers, John G. Change-ABLE Organization: Key Management Practices for Speed & Flexibility. Mill Valley, CA.: ACT Publishing, 1997.
  • Participant Workbook
  • Handout materials for up to eight exercises
  • Class size can vary from 15-200+ participants

In-house Certification is available for this workshop. If you would like more information, please call American Consulting & Training, Inc. at 800/995-6651 or 415/446-4355.

Keywords: Process Information

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