Automatic Oligo Deprotection and Cleavage

By: Ame Bioscience  09-12-2011

Deprotection Module 

The GeneForge Deprotection Module was developed to dispense ammonium hydroxide, or other liquids, into a 384 or 96 well arrangement for deprotection or othersimple dispensing. Hand pipetting can be time consuming and too easy to mess up. However, these applications typically don’t warrant the high capital expenditure and lab space of an autosampler. The Deprotection Module is an inexpensive, simple to use, stand alone system with integrated controls. Simply locate your 384 or 96 well plate/column holder and associated collection plate into the plate holder, adjust the vertical position for your specific stack height, verify the “Home” position, input the plate configuration and the dispense volume per well, and press “Start”. Typical plate dispense times are in the 3 minute range.

The Deprotection Module has the accuracy and reproducibility of an autosampler. In fact, the components used in this unit are the same as those used in many commercially available autosamplers. We simply left off the extra peripherals and options that add unnecessary cost, space and complexity for this type of application.

Each Deprotection Module comes with a one-year warranty, which includes parts and labor.

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