Apollo 100xl for BDT Reactions & Clean Up

By: Ame Bioscience  09-12-2011
Keywords: Lower Labor Costs

The Apollo 100XL™ System for sample preparation makes processing DNA sequencing reactions easier and more efficient than ever before.
This revolutionary system automates and integrates the cycle sequencing reaction setup and cleanup—all on a compact bench top system that holds up to 384 plasmid products or PCR product samples.

while trying to save reagent costs and reduce valuable time spent on sample preparation and cleanup.

Apollo 100XL Benefits
Significantly reduced reagent costs
Fewer manual tasks, reduced errors and lower labor costs
Better quality data in less time
Active temperature and humidity control

Walk-Away Automation Improves Core Workflow and Reliability
The sample preparation workflow for sequencing applications is traditionally fragmented and labor intensive. During each manual step, errors can be introduced leading to expensive and time consuming re-runs. On-chip microfluidics processing integrates these processes on an automated platform, freeing technician time for more complex and valuable work than pipetting reagents and moving microplates around the laboratory.

To operate the system, a technician simply places a microplate of DNA templates and sequencing reagents on the work surface, and starts the run. There is no need for further handling until it is time to remove the product plate. A 96-well plate is ready for sequencing in less than four hours. A 384-well plate of samples is Ready-to-InjectSM into a commercial sequencer, such as the AB 3130xl or AB 3730xl, in about 15 hours.

Overnight Runs Meet Schedule Demands and Increase Sample Capacity
Process automation also helps meet heavier sample loads and schedule demands. Even when researchers deliver samples late, they still want results the following day. With the Apollo 100XL, your lab can run two 96-well plates during the day and process a 384-well plate overnight, completely unattended. In the morning, samples are ready for immediate loading into the sequencer, with results available a few hours later.

Consistent Results with Less Reagents and Lower Cost
Integrating standard four-color cycle sequencing chemistry, paramagnetic bead technology and the patented IntegenX MOVe™ microfluidic technology, the Apollo 100XL takes Sanger-based DNA sequencing to a new level of efficiency. Reactions and cleanup take place on automated MOVe microfluidic chips, so every run is the same, yielding consistently more reliable data than manual methods.

Apollo 100XL four-color trace sequencing reaction. DNA samples processed on the Apollo 100XL System yield long-read, high-quality sequence data.

The patented MOVe micro-valve technology allows processes that are currently carried out in 10 to 20 µL volumes to be scaled down to approximately 1 µL or less, significantly reducing the amounts of BigDye™ and costly reagents required for cycle sequencing reactions, the volumes of magnetic beads used in cleanup processes—and the amount of precious sample needed per process. Compared with manual methods, cost per sample is dramatically reduced, potentially saving tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The Apollo 100XL increases sample capacity while lowering workflow costs—without compromising data quality or quantity. Automated preparation of samples for cycle sequencing eliminates errors introduced by manual methods while maintaining the quality of the sequencing data. With the Apollo 100XL system, long read lengths exceeding 800 bases are routine.

Active Temperature Control
The system includes an Active Temperature Control (ATC) unit that actively monitors both the laboratory temperature and relative humidity and maintains samples, reagents and products at the dew point. This automatic control prevents sample and product evaporation while preventing condensation from interfering with the samples. 

Apollo 100XL Thermal Cycler.The minute volumes involved in microfluidics allow for rapid and extremely reproducible temperature programs during cycle sequencing.

Apollo 100XL Control Software
The Apollo 100XL System has an easy to use interface that guides researchers in the correct setup of samples and reagents for sample preparation protocols. A scientist can use one of several protocols supplied in the default setup, modify a protocol or create a new one—and then simply start the run. Researchers can:
  • Identify samples being processed and their locations by importing the file used with the sequence analyzers or by entering data manually
  • See the position of plates and microchips on the Apollo 100XL work surface
  • Identify the location of reagents in the reagent plates
  • Set up flexible cycling conditions
  • Perform maintenance on the microfluidic chips and do basic troubleshooting
  • Schedule and start a run

Throughout the run, a progress monitor provides a detailed status of each step in the protocol. In addition, the system captures and saves extensive instrument log files for review of previous runs.

Keywords: Lower Labor Costs

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