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By: Amcat  09-12-2011
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Communicator is the most flexible and comprehensive agent desktop interaction tool available today.  The agent and design tools from Amcat offer the ultimate in agent productivity and efficiency.  

Communicator helps company representatives do more work, get better results and improve services.

Communicator supports your representatives during all interactions.  Because the software is easy to use and provides all the information and data needed to solve problems and make more sales, both inexperienced and experienced agents can become productive in a very short time.  Our customers tell us it takes their representatives only a couple of hours to become very comfortable with Amcat and start being more productive.

Communicator does this by guiding agents through each customer interaction and by providing CTI-based data (screen pops) for real-time access to customer and product information. It also allows agents to capture new information and save it to a database for future a

ccess and evaluation.

Example Communicator Screen

Key Features

  • CTI Screen Pops:  Expands agent productivity.  When a call is delivered to an agent, the information is populated directly into the agent’s conversation guide. The agent views the call data along with the messaging script that has been determined by the company’s marketing or sales department. Additionally,  product information and account information is also displayed on the contact center desktop as part of the scripting in a pleasing and well organized format.
  • Better interactions: The agent focuses on the customer rather than fumbling and searching for information. This dramatically reduces agent training and call time while producing more confident agents and more positive interactions and results.
  • Communicator provides a complete automated environment for the agent: When agents log onto the Amcat system, they are automatically activated and receive contacts from the inbound outbound or blended projects to which they are assigned. The system can also be configured so that high level agents can select their own projects, often suitable for B2B or complex B2C operations.
  • Conversation Guide: Software guides the agent through complex customer interactions via logical desktop screen branching.
  • Unlimited Call Result Codes:  Amcat does not restrict how many or types of result codes that agents can select according to the needs of the contact center and project.
  • Read or write/update data: CTI capabilities allow agents to read, write and/or update data in a consistent, uniform Web-based GUI interface.
  • Auto logon: Agents logon once and then when outbound campaigns or inbound queues are activated by the system to which they are assigned, the agent automatically begins to receive calls.
  • Digitial recording: Agents can initiate digital recording manually from the agent application during the conversation or recording can start automatically via a condition in the agent script.
  • Agent call back: Callback feature allows agents to schedule callbacks to prospects or customers through an efficient calendar interface as well as manage their own callbacks. This feature is critical for telesales and collections and many other environments.
  • Appointment scheduling: Using Amcat’s optional appointment scheduler, agents can easily schedule appointments for individuals or groups. The scheduler shows available appointment dates in a calendar interface and allows the agent to select and fill appointments with ease.
  • Transfer calls: Agents can easily transfer calls to verifiers, senior agents or supervisors.
  • Conference: Agents are able to conference with senior agents or supervisors.
  • Hyperlinks: Because agent software applications are created as Web-based HTML pages, Amcat brings the full power of the Web to your customer interactions. Agent scripts can hyperlink out to company Intranet or extranet sites for product or other information, read or write data in real time, or to third party Web sites and much more.
  • Virtual Assistant: If all agents are busy when a customer calls, the customer  can leave a recording specifying a number where they can be reached.  The message is played to the next available agent so that the customer's place in queue is not lost.

Achievable Benefits

  • Create effective customer interactions - Whether your need is to create detailed scripts with data displays and data capture within the script or to provide data for agents who are only loosely scripted, Amcat Communicator is the perfect tool. 
  • Built-in flexibility - Communicator provides maximum flexibility allowing non-technical managers to modify scripts as needed, even on the fly. The application has unlimited ability to display and capture all types of data, and build logical branching scripts over multiple pages. The system displays the logical branching in a tree view for your convenience.
  • Reinforce your message and brand -   Communicator allows your agents to reinforce your brand or your customer's brand through on screen messaging and promotions, product information, ability to view web sites (Intranet and Internet) and much more.
  • Improve services - The CTI capabilities of Communicator improve your ability for 'First Call Resolution' since your agents always have the data they require to complete transactions at their finger tips.
  • Improve the customer experience: The customer experience is also enhanced since their issues are resolved often during the first call enabled by available data and scripting.
  • Improved first call resolution  - The combination of enterprise data access along with proper access to product and customer information dramatically increases first call resolution percentages.

Keywords: customer, Scripts

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