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By: Amanda Falk  09-12-2011

news « Amanda Falk

We spent the evening with some of our dearest friends tonight. Talkin’ about life, eating appies, staying toasty, sipping latte’s. Fun times and nostalgic times – saying see you later (love you guys!) and making memories. Here we are in our mid-twenties (well that happened FAST) and the changes I blogged about earlier keep comin’. Fortunately I am in a season of embracing these changes whole heartedly. One such change involves a set of four wheels and an engine.

I’ve been looking at pictures of fresh new cars to replace my ’97 Cavalier that is on its last legs. It’s kind of bittersweet because honestly I don’t know of another car that has been so trouble free and constant. I will post pictures as a bit of a tribute to her because well, she deserves to be honored and remembered with reverence after all her years of faithful service. I realize I’m making it sound like she was in the military but honestly. I only wish you could have the experience I have had with a car such as this. Tear.

So many memories. Road trips. Long drives to clear my head. She took me where I needed to go, however ahem quickly or demanding I was behind the wheel.

Now it’s time for an upgrade (because of the accident we were in a couple weeks back) and I’m a lookin’.

If you have any suggestions for a four door, reliable, good looking car, please – keep them to yourself. Just kidding….it’s just that everyone disagrees with everyone about what car is the best car. There’s American made, Foreign imports, a car company within a car company just to confuse the general female public, (what is the deal with that), and don’t even get me started on the paint colors. (yes I am a girl). Some people swear by a foreign something something with dual shock absorbers and a spoiler in the back and others wouldn’t be caught dead in anything but an all American lowered Chevy something something v6 sc300 and a bunch of other numbers to make it sound more like an arithmetic problem than a car. But here’s what we want. We want it to be built strong, reliable, have great gas mileage, and look pretty. And a sunroof and seatwarmers for those long road trips would be lovely. So here’s hoping we find the car that fits ‘us’ best.

Stay tuned.

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