Orthovisc: An ideal option for Osteoarthritis

By: Ama Meds  23-03-2011
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Severe knee joint pain often disturbs daily routine and delimits various activities. To get relief from it, Orthovisc injections are quite helpful. These injections are usually recommended by physicians or medical experts for providing relief from osteoarthritis or OA. In the US alone, there are millions of people who are availing the treatment for mild to moderate Osteoarthritis in knee joints. The Osteoarthritis pain can be due to various reasons like being overweight, old age, injury in joints, genetic defect, wearing of high heels, nutritional problems, congenital or development, over usage or stress on joints.

Osteoarthritis affects cartilage which is a slippery tissue covering the end of bones. In this problem, top layer breaks down and wear away. A person suffering from stiffness in joint after getting out of bed or sitting for long hours, swelling or tenderness in more than one joint, crunching feeling or sound of bone rubbing are considered as warning signs for OA.

Orthovisc injections are recommended for treating pain in osteoarthritis of knee for patients who have failed to respond to conservative home care therapy and simple analgesics. Orthovisc or high molecular weight hyaluronan is FDA- approved treatment that provides instant, long-lasting relief to muscles. Not only this, injection helps to increase the motion, flexibility, recover damaged cartilages for supporting joint repairs. The physician or medical expert injects the injection directly into the painful area. This helps to regain healthy cushioning and lubricating properties of healthy knee joint.

The presence of hyaluronan in injection works as a shock absorber, lubricant and protective cushion for knee joint. This is similar to healthy human cartilage or synovial fluid. With a course of 3-4 weeks, a patient can rehabilitate lubricants in joints which help to give a relief lasting for several months. The dosage of injection is depended upon various factors like age, health, medical disorder, and so on. After administering the injection for few minutes, a person can restart with normal activities immediately.

A patient must be aware of side effects which he or she might suffer while undergoing this therapy or treatment like pain at the injected side, headache, rashes, indigestion, breathing problem, temporary eyelid droop, etc. The therapy must be performed under an expert orthopedic surgeon.

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Keywords: canada pharmacy, canadian pharmacy,Orthopedic Products, Skin Care Products