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By: Always Ready  09-12-2011
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To Nooo!....Go get an extinguisher!!…… Did you call the fire department…….Where is the fire department?????


Dear Fellow Business Professional / Health & Safety Professional,

What would you do if your business…your dream…was struck by a major catastrophe? If a fire broke out and destroyed everything, would you be protected?

You can maintain your complete fire equipment and asset system for less than a cup of your favorite gourmet coffee! At Always Ready, Inc. we provide preventative maintenance with thorough on-site inspections and service; and our services are guaranteed. You can save 30% on your annual maintenance budget while still receiving guaranteed priority service with our Priority Customer agreement.

By using our online reporting system we can offer you the accurate, quick inspection reports you need…in fact, we guarantee it within 24 hours or it’s free!! Are you working to be more environmentally conscious? So, are we! By driving less to provide you the quality inspections and fire equipment services you need, you not only save money, but you are helping us save the environment – we call it our green initiative: which are inherited traits influenced by the environment.

You’ve worked your whole life for this business, this opportunity for your children and family to thrive. You put in countless hours fighting against competition, nurturing relationships with clients and vendors and staying late into the night to make sure the job is done correctly or to your satisfaction.

Have you ever sat back at the end of the day and wondered, “What have I done? What am I going to do?” You’ve started a business and now that business, your family and employees depend on you for their well-being, livelihood and safety every day. While, this is an immense amount of responsibility, it’s also a blessing and you can be successful because you push through the difficult times.

A fire can take that all a way if you aren’t prepared. How would you deal with the loss of expensive equipment, inventory or worse…the loss of the life of a dedicated employee who’s been with you since the beginning? How would their family react? What words could you possibly use to quell their anger and pain?

This is where an annual fire system inspection and preventative maintenance plan comes in…and, where Always Ready, Inc. can help. We value your business, employees and equipment as if it were our own. We will inspect your facility not only with a trained eye, but also with the compassion we use in our own home to protect our family. Many of our competitor’s believe in a blitz inspection approach where they try to get through as many inspections as they can in a short amount of time for the highest pay out at the end of the day. We slow things down and inspect one facility at a time with the care it deserves.

We consider ourselves to be specialists in the fire equipment services industry and pride ourselves on using preventative maintenance trending techniques that are at the cutting edge of the industry. We can identify the types of specialty equipment you’re using, inspect and maintain your fire assets as well as work with you on developing a real plan of action for employees in the event of a fire.

Our founder, Alan Reti, is a journeyman millwright otherwise known as an industrial mechanic with over 700,000 man hours on the job. All of these without a lost time accident or fatality while coordinating his own employees and managing subcontractors throughout western Canada. We want you to have this same record of safety in your facility.

Over the past six years, we’ve come across some inferior work and it’s all because our competitors are cutting corners. This might mean more profit for them, but what does it mean for you?

Pull pins that haven’t been removed, inspected or resealed…extinguisher refill collars don’t fit…plugged extinguisher hoses… verification stickers in place without the refill or dump even taking place…fire hoses without the new crease… exit lights with burnt bulbs.. emergency power systems with dead batteries…

We simply don’t believe in this sort of behavior and know your safety is on the line when these mistakes and insubordinate practices are used. We take the time to review your hazards, past occurrences and inspections, your usage requirements and provide a complete assessment and service based on all these factors.

When it comes to how to implement an audit and compliance program, we have the training courses and guidance you need! Our training course’s offer you the advantage of training your employees the right ways to respond to emergency situations and teaches you how to put together an audit program that works.

Unlike our competition, we service your equipment the same day we inspect your facility! We want you and your facility to be safe and protected from the day we meet you. Proactive fire asset maintenance and planning keeps you from being faced with a crisis and let’s be honest…a preventative response is far cheaper in the long run than a reactive one. When you establish a routine maintenance program for your fire assets we’ll both know about potential problems before they happen so we can respond and repair immediately!

Not to mention we are able to offer a more competitive rate than our competitors because of this philosophy. While, our trained inspectors travel ready to inspect and service equipment, our competitors waste your time and money by traveling to and from your facility and charge you for the travel!

We are heads above the rest in terms of technology and the Web-Based Reporting System we use. The benefits of using this all electronics approach include:

  • Trusted inspections with 3rd party verification
  • NFPA embedded codes and standards
  • Automated product recall search
  • Secure, encrypted and archived compliance reporting
  • Real time information
  • Information on all fire equipment systems including fire extinguishers, backflows, fire alarms, sprinklers, etc.

Without these fire inspection programs we’d be in the dark ages like our competitors who are buried in paper trails daily, With our comprehensive inspection, reporting and record-keeping system it allows us to offer the best guarantee in the industry…

You’ll have your comprehensive 3rd party verified inspection and service report within 24 hours of our inspection or it is free!!!

We can help you prevent a catastrophe from happening and prepare for the worst, but don’t take our word for it.

We provide services for one of Alberta’s largest banking institutions as well as one of the largest international HVAC service firms for the last 6 years providing courteous, professional and prompt services – isn’t this the service your firm requires?

Want to be a Preferred Customer like these amazing businesses? You can become a Preferred Customer just by letting us be your primary fire inspection and equipment service company. When you sign our minimum three year service agreement with us you enter an elite group of clients that save up to 15% a year on the services you need!

When you become a Preferred Customer - Always Ready Inc. will help save your company from disaster by:

  • Reducing your capital spending
  • Identifying & maintaining your fire safety assets
  • Offer you fewer breakdowns and repairs needed
  • Give you priority response time to inspections and repairs
  • Offer you an assigned service technician
  • Offer you 24-hour emergency service

Plus save you money by:

  • Never charging you an overtime fee
  • Offer you a 15% discount on any required parts or repair on both labor and materials
  • Offer you a 15% discount on any replacement equipment you may need

Control your data, it’s your building

It’s the role and responsibilities of the manager to audit and find compliance in your fire assets and fire protection plan of action. We can help with all this, take the weight off your shoulders and bring peace of mind to your daily operations. By using the best fire inspection software in Canada we are offering you the highest level of inspection and service we can. We know this is important to you and wouldn’t put our name on it if it wasn’t important to us.

Remember, we believe in our products and services so much that we offer a solid guarantee that if you don’t receive your comprehensive inspection and service report within 24 hours….it’s free!!! How could we do that if we didn’t have the technology behind us to back up such a claim?

Take advantage of this great offer and call us today for your facility inspection and fire equipment service.

Don’t you deserve it after all you’ve worked for in your business? Don’t your employees deserve to know their safety is number one on your priority list?

Remember, just one fire could change your entire life and leave your business in ruins. Are you ready for that level of devastation? Can your bank account and livelihood take it? What about the families of those who work for you?

You and they deserve this inspection and we want to be the ones to be a part of protecting everything important to you. From the simplest questions, like “Why is my fire alarm beeping?” to the more complex “How will my employees respond to a fire?”…Always Ready, Inc. has the answer; the training and the dedication to get you ready and make sure you’re always ready!


Alan Reti
Founder, Always Ready, Inc.

PS: Are you still waiting for your local fire department? For the amount of time that it takes for your local fire department to arrive you could have saved your house, pets, even your family from that incipient fire that has now engulfed you, your house, your business!

PSS: We have a just a few openings within our 2009 schedule to fit your inspection, ensure your facility is compliant.

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