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By: Alpharx  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drug Delivery, Chemical Entities, Drug Delivery Technology,

AlphaRx’s research and development efforts are focused on therapies for life threatening or chronic disease. The company’s product development strategy is to reformulate FDA approved drugs using proprietary, site-specific drug delivery technology to achieve a better efficacy, better safety profile and patient compliance. In addition, the company is developing a number of difficult-to-formulate generic pharmaceutical products.

Although we believe our development strategy of reformulating FDA approved drugs may have less development risks as compared to new chemical entities development, there can be no guarantee that any product candidates can be successfully developed and as such, we constantly evaluate and prioritize our development programs. As a result, new product candidates are constantly added and lower priority development programs may be discontinued or delayed. We believe this product development optimization process is essential for the development of a broad portfolio of short to long-term drug candidates, which will position the company for stable and sustainable growth.

Listed below is the current AlphaRx development pipeline indicating products currently under development. Several of these products have the potential of moving quickly, from FDA Phase I clinical development to registration using the 505b(2) NDA route.

Indaflex™* Osteoarthritis Phase II



Pre clinical


Post-operative Pain

Pre clinical







* Launched in Mexico

** Licnesed to Gaia BioPharma

AlphaRx is presently focusing on ARX8203 development.

Keywords: Approved Drugs, Chemical Entities, Drug Delivery, Drug Delivery Technology, Fda Approved Drugs,

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AlphaRx - technology

Our drug delivery technology is designed to develop drugs with major medical advantages, such as lower dosing, fewer side effects and alternative dosage forms, as well as commercial advantages, such as extended patent protection and broader use.


AlphaRx - indaflex

There are three main features of this product which contribute to its improved efficacy as a topical analgesic: drug loading/concentration, a nanoparticulate oil-in-water emulsion formulation and an improved partitioning of lipophilic drug from nanoparticles into the lipid matrix of the absorbing tissue.