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By: Alpha Cube  09-12-2011
Keywords: Web Sites, User Interfaces

What It Is

Localization is the process of adapting content to meet a specific language, culture and requirements of a local market. At Alpha Cube we specialize in localizing Web sites and applications to Spanish, ensuring that your product is properly adapted to cultural differences and technical requirements of your site architecture.

How It Benefits You

The modern global economy is driving change and opening new opportunities in marketing to the Spanish speaking community. These changes require companies to translate and localize software to improve ease of use and adoption rates.

We can partner with your organization to help you:

  • address the technical, cultural, and linguistic issues surrounding localization.
  • provide your audience with content that communicates across linguistic and cultural barriers.
  • deploy a flexible user interface that can accomodate changes in text, which can expand over 15% after translation to Spanish.
  • use images and icons that are universally understood and culturally appropriate.

What We Do

  • Translate into Spanish all Web site content (or the creation of new content) that is contextually correct. This includes creating content that is succint and precise, but also that is adapted to the culture you are targetting. For example, should I translate the word "cake" as "bizcocho" (Puerto Rico) or "pastel" (Mexico)?
  • Design user interfaces in Spanish for Web sites, Web applications, or mobile devices.
  • Design an interactive prototype to illustrate proof of concepts.
  • Conduct a usability test of your software or hardware product, which can be tested with real customers to get their immediate feedback and make necessary adjustments to the user interface, prior to development and final production.
  • Online promotion and search engine optimization of your Web site using Spanish keywords.

Keywords: User Interfaces, Web Sites

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