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By: Allstone Resources  09-12-2011
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You’ll be able to recognize granite almost immediately – it’s crystalline features make it stand out above nature’s other minerals. Granite comes in a wide variety of colors and always has a unique crystalline pattern to ensure that no two cuts are ever alike. Commercial and residential builders choose granite for a variety of reasons. It is heavy, durable, and very thick, making it ideal for areas with a lot of foot traffic. In addition, many choose granite for kitchen and bathroom countertops due to features such as high heat resistance and a non-porous texture. Granite is also the material of choice for much outdoor work due to its high level of hardness.

All Stone Resources has a variety of granite selections to pick from for both residential and commercial needs.

Keywords: Granite

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AllStone Resources - Granite, Marble, Slates, Travertine - marble

All Stone Resources imports the finest marble pieces from across the globe to provide a diverse selection for our customers. Marble veining is naturally produced over time in the stone, and is probably the most familiar feature of the mineral. Its color variations produce stunning combinations of contrasting stones and veins. Marble?s unique beauty makes it instantly recognizable.


AllStone Resources - Granite, Marble, Slates, Travertine - slabs

If you’re building a countertop, shower wall, fireplace, or exterior wall, chances are you’ll need materials in the size and strength of All Stone Resources slabs. Slabs are available in varying sizes in granite, marble, slates, and travertine. The following are approximate sizes for All Stone Resources’ slab options. 50 – 55 square feet per slab.


AllStone Resources - Granite, Marble, Slates, Travertine - limestone

Because of its unique properties, limestone can be found in a variety of different locations, including structural construction, concrete mixing, and residential and commercial tiles and slabs. Limestone?s porous nature makes it prone to acidic reactions and needs to be properly sealed to ensure long-term viability. Pulled from the depths of the ocean, limestone is an elegant material that is more porous than a lot of other stones.


AllStone Resources - Granite, Marble, Slates, Travertine - slates

A unique property of slate is its abilities to retain and radiate hear, which makes it the ideal choice for many different situations, including flooring (depending on your local climate) and walls. Slates, a natural skid-resistant cleft material quarried from around the world, provide the ultimate look for timeless class. Whether it's for modern indoor work or outdoor patio work, this stain resistant stone exudes natural beauty and elegance.


AllStone Resources - Granite, Marble, Slates, Travertine - travertine

Available in a variety of beautiful earth tones, travertine is used for a myriad of different functions, including showers, countertops, and wall coverings. Filled and honed travertine produces a smooth surface while unfinished travertine has a unique texture that gives it both a unique feel and look. Travertine can be filled or unfilled; filled travertine is either left unfinished or polished and honed depending on the desired aesthetic.