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By: Allstar Aerial  09-12-2011
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We are your total solution for Aerial Cinematography Services. See below for more information:

Aerial Co-ordination

Having an experienced Aerial Coordinator is essential to a succesful shoot, and Jim Filippone is as experienced as they come. If he is not flying he can offer his services on the ground ensuring that things run smoothly and safely. Allstar can also provide experienced Aerial Coordinators to work with Jim when he is flying. Not having the right coordinator can waste everyones time and money.

Air to Air Aerial Cinematography

Air-Air shots require the utmost in experience and equipment - both things which Allstar can provide. We only work with a select few Aerial Film Pilots, whose names we can provide.

Air to Ground Aerial Cinematography

Air to ground photography is used extensively in filmmaking. From plate shots to POV's, Jim's experience can help you get the shot you need quickly, and efficiently.

Ground to air Cinematography

The most important part of ground to air photography is making sure the helicopter is where the camera wants it to be … in frame. After 23 years of practice, it's all in a day's work for Jim.

Aerial Location Scouting

Location scouting is one of the most valuable services that we provide, as our helicopters allow you to find the perfect location for your desired shot, whether in Vancouver or not. Jim's extraordinary knowledge of the region will be immediately evident as he assists in pointing out areas, which satisfy your needs.


Jim's Mission Statement

Jim Filippone is 100% committed to the motion picture industry to provide a level of safety and service second to no other aviation provider in the industry. With over 11,000 accident free hours and 23 years working in the film industry Jim promises to provide the safest and best maintained aircraft available for your shoot. From the very first location scout to the actual shoot day at no time will safety ever be compromised.

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