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By: Allsafe Direct  09-12-2011
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What is the i-Safe™?

  • i-Safe™ is exclusive to DBI-SALA and provides a multitude of benefits for the safety conscious. It uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to provide quick access to inspection, inventory and information. The inspection feature allows the user to access predetermined questions to inspect and record the inspection without accessing files or notes through the use of a hand-held PC. The system is paperless and reduces the time of inspecting and recording inspections by well over 30%.
  • It is an intelligent technology that controls inspection tracking, inventory and product/user information in a paperless environment.
  • i-Safe™ uses proven Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify products which then have a history file attached to the RFID tag number. That history can be viewed on DBI-SALA’s hosted server through your own secure portal.
  • It keeps track of inspection for due diligence purposes making sure that each product assigned to a user is inspected on time and recorded on a paperless database accessible by you or your system administrator.
  • Additional functions include inventory assignment and tracking to reduce theft and optimize asset management.
  • New retrofit RFID tags are available so you can pass the benefits of i-Safe tracking and inspection scheduling to other critical items in your inventory.
  • The system is easy to learn and saves both time and effort when keeping tabs on your assets.

The i-Safe™ enhances your safety program

Inspection Tracking

  • Up-to-date inspection logs for product reliability and safety.
  • Verification system to promote compliance.
  • Electronic record for traceability and audit.

Inventory Control

  • Tracks inventory on the site and around the globe.
  • Paperless and accurate asset management.
  • Easy retrieval of information for inventory control.
  • Theft and diversion prevention.

Information Management

  • Real time website support for consultative safety solutions.
  • Instant access to key information to stramline logistics and safety management.
  • Accountability by logging product and inspection status by job.

i-Safe™ Introductory Video

RFID Tags and Retrofit RFID Tags

Most of the Capital Safety products from the DBI/SALA line already come equipped with RFID Tags which are integrated during the manufacturing process. You are not, however, restricted from using the i-Safe™ system to keep track of equipment made by other manufacturers. The following retrofit tags are available for purchase:

Retrofit Tag for webbing

This lightweight tag can be ‘choked’ around and object and locked down with a permanent dome fastener. The tag is ideally suited for web materials, small diameter pipe and fixtures and can be attached without tools.

Retrofit Tag attachment to a Self-Retracting Device

This tag is specifically designed to be fastened to small diameter wire rope and is ideally suited for self-retracting lifelines (SRL). The 2 halves of the ball can be fastened with a screw driver to 3/16" diameter wire rope lifeline.

Retrofit Tag in rigid holder for multiple applications

This tag's unique shape and low profile allows the rigid housing to be attached almost anywhere. It comes equipped with a variety of fasteners or can be screwed or riveted in place permanently. Supplied fasteners include tie-wraps, key rings and a permanent adhesive patch all of which fix the tag to the product permanently.

Product Brochure

Keywords: Rfid Tags, safety products

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